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weird reaction

Jul 13, 2008 - 0 comments



skin allergies


skin infection

i have for a while now suffered with red, irritated skin on my left hand. i assumed all this time it was from the many of my hands being in cleaning products water etc. i did stop using harsh chemical cleaners a far while ago but i have still been cleaning like a freak and washing all my dos on a regular basis.
I finally went to the doctor for some help with my hand. she gave me some quaterzone cream, of which i used as directed. after a week od using i noticed that i was breaking out in circular shaped dry patchers all up my arm and on my face.
i then went back to doctor, who told me to go the chemist and buy anti fungal cream, which i did. it seemed to be working at first but stopped working and the outbreak became much worst. i have now gone back to the doctor who has now put me on antibiotics that i have now been taking for 4 days and so far they have done nothing. my skin is really red, tight and sore. it looks as though i am down to my last layer of skin in patches and i am fraking out that it will scar.
i have lost faith in my quack(as one might expect) and need some other hope.

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