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errands today

Mar 08, 2010 - 0 comments



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manic depressive

3 dr appts today...pain mgt, pdoc, and massage therapist...tons od running because i live an hour away from the pain mgt dr and 30 mins away from the pdoc and massage....just a lot of driving. sometimes i dont mind the driving, im away from the kids and husband, cranking the music and just relaxing....i guess if thats wht you call it. i treat myself to a starbux every time i go out that way, since its my fave coffee ever! so its my little treat to myself.

oh, and i had an MRI as well that night so i wa gone a good 8 hrs so even though its all medical related, i dont mind sometimes because im away from the hassle of home life i guess so im more relaxed.

nothing else to report....

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