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whats up with the eating??

Mar 09, 2010 - 0 comments



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manic depression








Major Depression

when i was on lamictal before (350mgs) i was fine with it, no weight gain or any side effects....but now that im ramping up the dose by 25 mgs each week (so this week its 100 + 25, next week 100+50 ect) at the end of the month ill be at 200 mgs...theraputically she wants me at 300-400, which is fine with me, but im eating like i have the muchies!

its not like noirmal eatien either...its like having the muchies, altought im not smoking.....its llike i can down a box of lucky charms is a day, maybe 2, its the only thing i eat, or 2 servings of coco wheats in a day, or a bag of twix, or package of cookies in one sitting...always sweets, and always way too much of them to the point i feel like im gonna puke!

WTF! i just lost almost 100 lbs, wearing a size 12/14 now, and wa at im back at 203...WTF! lamictal isnt supposed to make you eat like this! and im not an emotional eater at all.

i have been missing my lovaza (omega 3) 6000 mgs a day, they kill the appetite and so do the ultrams, but i want to know what to do to stop eating like theres a sugar shortage, cuz i got rid of all my fat clothes, and i REFUSE to buy bigger sizes!!!

in fact i have an odd obsession with underwear now, victorias secret bras and panties to be presice...i have so many pairs of panties theres not enough days of the month to wear them all once, id have to wear 2 or 3 pair a day! WTF! thats my spending impulsiveness and hoarding OCD i guess...but i cant pass up a great deal...5 panties for 25 when one pair costs 9$! WTF! im crazy NOT to get them! plus bras, i always have coupons for them, so i never pay full price for them, at least if i binge shop i have the $$ to pay the credit card bills at the end of the month, and i use cupons and hit the sales. i am just addicted to underwear at this point, idk why, its not like anyone ever sees me in it, including my husband...we havent had sex since last march....but i digress, thats a whole nother story for another rainy day....

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