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dance class

Mar 10, 2010 - 0 comments



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Major Depression

had to take daughter to dance class at 4, so i woke up at like 8 and was back on the couch from 11 or 12 till 3 or so, just in time to get her off the bus, and get me & her ready for dance, throw some makeup on, brush my hair and get out the door.

she was there on time, so i went to the grocery store for a few mins, and was ok on time till i cashed out with the SLOWEST  MF'er in the place, which made me late picking her up, only 10 mins but still...not cool at all! my poor baby girl! had to hear **** from my husband about that one all day too, till he left for work at 6.....

then kind of just zoned out on the computer for a little bit after feeding the kids, and got them ready for bed (i feel bad, no interactions with them from me that night hardly at all)

i fell asleep at the pc later on that night, and ended up with a hurt forehead from it resting on the keyboard, an ash from my smoke melted one of my keys on the keyboard, and i almost burned my face with a smoke...i better quit before i burn myself up or worse the house. i just cant quit no matter how hard i try...i have no other vices...drinking, drugs, gambling, sex...just smoking cigs. i even bought those e-cigs, and that was alright for a min, but nothing like the real thing baby.

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