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These are some Tramadol stories I pulled off the Internet

Jul 14, 2008 - 27 comments

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I have been taking Pregabelin (Lyrica) for a number of weeks now, along with Tramadol. I am very aware that when I take a full dose of both drugs together I feel a very strange almost "spaced out" feeling. I feel unsteady on my feet and find it difficult to walk a few yards without having to hold on to something to steady myself. If I reduce the Pregabelin dose it is a bit better. I would be interested to hear from anyone with similar experiences when using both drugs. Andy - Taunton, Somerset, UK

Like Andy from Taunton I was given Tramadol on top of the highest dose of Pregabalin and had the same symptoms. I have now come off of Tramadol and am seeking a new pain killer to take over from it. I was so bad at the start of taking both drugs I could not move from a chair or open my eyes without a feeling my brain was swimming, I have had chronic in my elbows for 6 years and have forgotten what a pain free life is. MSB - UK

Having had a traumatic amputation of my lower leg I was given Tramadol. 8 months on I am well and truly hooked. Any lower dose of Tramadol gives me sweats anxiousness, loss of temper, loss of patience, flu-like joint pain and hyper alertness. The pain specialists advised me at the time that it was not addictive but It most definitely is a dependancy inducing drug. I am going to try to come off again but I fear I will have to take a couple of weeks off work to try and come off without shouting at a customer or getting into trouble! Don - Scotland

I start taking Tramadol in 1997 for fractures in my lower back and was on it for 2 years. At the time the doctor said it was not addictive. It slowly stopped working and the doctor kept trying me on other painkillers, but every time I came off Tramadol and started taking other drugs I would get ill with flu-like symptoms, my bones would ache, I was nauseous and my head would feel it was going to explode. After the 3rd attempt of coming off I realised what was wrong: I was hooked. The doctor said it was not the Tramadol and I just had a sensitive stomach. I stopped taking them and was really ill for about 5 days, then I and had flu for a few weeks, but after that I was fine. Next I went onto Vioxx until it was banned. Now I have been put back on to Tramadol, which I have been taking for the past 2 months. I am going to go and see my doctor next week and ask to be put on something else. My advice to anyone taking Tramadol is - yes it is good but don't take it for any longer than necessary! Leander - Nottingham, UK

I am so grateful for your experiences on here. I was searching the web looking in the early hours of the morning convinced I was losing my mind. I was prescribed Tramadol by a GP for pain related to my spina bifida. At first I was very drousy and sleepy, but since then I have been unable to sleep at all - other than the odd hour here and there. This has now gone on for 6 weeks. I decided to come off the drug as my GP told me it was highly addictive and he wouldn't recommend longer than 2 months use. I reduced the dose for a few days and then stopped. Since then I've had terrible night panic attacks, anxiety attacks, I am either boiling hot sweaty or freezing cold, I feel sick 24/7 and had terrible headaches. I feel 'uneasy' in my skin (I can't even put that feeling into words). Reading all your experiences helped me to see that it's the drug and not me, which was a relief. I pray these withdrawal symptoms go soon. I wish I'd never started with Tramadol. Amanda Leicester UK

I was prescribed Tramadol 3 years ago. At first the pain relief was great, but slowly the pain started to return. Everytime I started to reduce the dose, the pain would increase. If I missed a dose, I would start to suffer with
flu-like symtoms, which would go away as soon as I took Tramadol. I decided to stop taking the drug completely and then felt terrible for a few days - I ached all over, felt sick, headaches. But for the first time in years, I did not wake up with a hangover in the morning! I feel this drug is highly addictive and, if taken long term, causes more pain than it relieves. Steve - London, England

I medicated myself with Tramadol which is easily accessable a few miles south of me in Tijuana, MX without prescription for around $20 for 50 tablets. I created an expensive habit but I have decided I don't like myself this way. My 4 hour habit makes me quick to irritation with my children, no motivation, constipation! I AM ADDICTED and I am smart enough to recognize it. I took my last 5 pills 48 hours ago and last night was the worst experience of my life. Sleeplessness, agitation, thoughts of suicide, diorrhrea, chills, skin crawls, heat flashes and sweats and that was just at night. During the day, I feel weak, tired, and truly fearful of another night like that. Natalie - San Diego, California, USA

I starting taking Tramadol in December 05. It was great; immediately I no longer had any pain and on the plus side I actually felt really well. The side affect of constipation was a small price to pay and went when I decreased to just 1 tablet a day. Two days ago I decided to completely stop taking Tramadol. For the past two days I have felt like I have flu with hot sweats, chills, shakes and a general feeling that my mind is not in sinc with any movement my body makes. Worse, last night I paced the floor for hours anxious, shaking and unable to relax enough to sleep, I felt terrible. Today, feeling worse, I had to come home from work and searched the internet for informaton about Tramadol and thankfully found this website. I took a Tramadol three hours ago and already I'm starting to feel "normal" again. I'm off to the Doctors tomorrow to start slowly decreasing the dose to get off this drug before it takes over completely. I did not expect withdrawal symptons as I was told by the specialist who put me on it that I could take it as long as I wanted as it was not addictive. I disagree; there should be a warning about Tramadol! Carol - Chester, UK

I was given Ultram initially, then changed to Tramadol. I was told the only difference is that tramadol does not contain acetaminophen. I was also told it wasn't addictive, but trying to leave it on my own has been difficult. The symptoms are similar to many of you: terrible headaches, skin crawls, sleeplessness. I'm planning to take a few weeks to enter a detox center and get rid of it once and for all. Richard - Chino, California, USA

About four years ago, I was prescribed Tramadol for severe chronic pain. Previous to taking this drug, I had taken other strong pain medications and had never had any problems so I didn't expect any complications with Tramadol. Within a week of taking this drug, I noticed I felt despondent which progressed into depression over the years. However, since I had no clue that the Tramadol was the cause, I kept taking it.
I developed more severe symptoms like muscle tightness which was debilitating; the tightness affected my sleep and my ability to relax. I had headaches all over my skull and my brain felt like it was swimming or bouncing around inside. Then anxiety, insomnia and fatigue drove me to the point where I couldn't work and I started to believe I had mental problems! I had an alarming sensation of crawling under my skin and sought medical help. I had a MRI which showed I had previously had a minor stroke. However, my doctors were aware of this before I was placed on Tramadol.
I was also chronically constipated and bloated. If I took Tramadol at night, I would stay awake all night and the next day. My skin and mouth were chronically dry. The fact that I had a minor stroke before I was placed on tramadol could have exacerbated my symptoms. I found that it changed my moods and I became irritable and confused. My anxiety never went away. Although I was using it for pain it actually increased the pain slightly before it soothed it which is quite strange. However this is my own particular experience.
I am now going through detox and sincerely hope I will recover since the side effects were so severe. More importantly, the information leaflet which accompanies this drug states it does have the ability to do these things to a person; only I took no notice of it. C.R - Croydon, Surrey, UK

I have been taking Tramodol, together with Lyrica, for nerve damage but now the doctors have taken me off Tramodol. I have been suffering from anxiety, heat, cold shivers, flu-like symptoms, etc. Today is the second day and I feel much worse. Can anyone tell me how many days shall I have to suffer like this to come off it completely? I thought that the Lyrica was taking care of my discomfort. Now I am upset to know that I am addicted like this. I was told that Tramodol was not a narcotic. Joan - Sun City West, Arizona, USA

Thanks so much for putting this page on the internet. I recently broke two bones in my hand and the Surgeon and GP both prescribed Tramadol. At first it was great, no pain whatsoever after taking it. I've been taking it the past two weeks and I realised that it was likely Tramadol was a Heroin/Morphine derivative, if not that it must have been in the same family of drugs. Last night I stopped taking Tramadol since I felt there was little need for it now.
I was taking two 50mg tablets twice a day, sometimes two at night and one for when I felt the pain. Since I've stopped taking Tramadol I've noted I've been having SEVERE headaches, feeling insanely hot, suddenly cold and what seems like mood changes (I suddenly started crying!).
Hoping theres not long left of these withdrawal symptoms. What's worse is my Mother takes these for her Arthiritis and has a cabinet full of them! Must stay strong! Abdul - London, UK

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by helen55, Jul 14, 2008
Thanks for that. x

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by EmilyPost, Jul 14, 2008
Hi Helen; you Sweetheart you!

I'm writing up an answer to your sweet message to me right now. The sweats are being caused by the Tramadol. How do I know that? Cause I have had them since I started taking tramadol, to the point I had to change clothes at 3am because I was soaking wet.

As to the way that Tramadol increases pain; I'm looking up my reference right now. It CAUSES NEUROPATHY after one year of use. I'll find the reference. Keep in mind that my mind, 25 days out still feels like a scrambled egg. Ok, actually I have no idea how a scrambled egg feels and I shouldn't make assumptions! LOL!

I'll be back. I'm so relieved you found this place and this journal because it is my INTENT that any of us who have been duper by Tramadol know exactly the fastest way OUT of the nightmare. And what helps and what to expect.

I'll be back in a minute with more details for you.

And yes, I got freakishly strong thru Bikrams yoga lost 60 pounds, went from a size 16 to a size 4 and still the pain didn't get better? It got worse? COME ON NOW!!! there is something SO WRONG with that picture! Right?

That's right! It's TRAMADOL that is the common factor here.

Be back shortly!

Love and healing,

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by drea1106, Oct 02, 2008
Hello there
just wanted to share my story to see if i could get any advice.
My name is Andrea i am a 23 year old mother of three beautiful children and a wife of ten years. yeah do the math!!!! well i have had leg problems for ten years and about three years ago i started taking tramadol. little by little i upped my dose to about 20 a day. i just found out that my leg pain is acutually due to five herniated discs in my back. i have always been told that it was a scyatic nerve. one day i had ran out of the medication and i found out the hard way that this medication is very dangerous. I went through horrible withdrawls. i would sweat so much that my bed would be soaked. i could not get up. i was weak and felt like i wanted to rip my hands off. that was somthing that i have never experienced in my life. i was like this for days. that is why i dont understand why people tell me that in two or three days i should feel better. i never did. i could not handle it . mind you i did it cold turkey because i did not know that i would go through withdrawls with this medication. i then sent a freind to get some meds for me and here i am still depending on the medication that ruind my life. i want so bad to be NORMAL again. i just had a seizure and it was so terrifying. my 4 year old son reminds me daily that he seen my face in the mud and i could not get up . this just happened last week. i never wanted my children to see their mother laying in the dirt face down and shaking. my 8 year old seen me. i guess that as i was hanging my clothes i just looked at her and just fell and started seizing. she called the neighbor who stayed until i woke up. when she told me that i had a seizure i could not belive it and i could not remember anything. i could not even remember who the neighbor was until about 20 min later AHHHHHHHHHHHH i CANT DO THIS ANYMORE. i have no family members around me and the ones that i do have wont help me at all. if i were just to go through the withdrawls i would need somone to care for my children. and i dont have anyone. i dont want to fail my children or my husband yet alone my self. i never thought that my life would end up like this. I dont know what to do. if anyone can help me i would be so grateful.

most grateful

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by GraemeE, Mar 26, 2009
My name is Graeme Edgerton I am 49 and live in East Devonport Tasmania Australia I was given Tramadol and Pregabelin 2 years ago I took one tablet of each on a Friday night then the Saturday morning I woke up thinking I was having a stroke and said to my self I better not go back to sleep or I will die but I went back to sleep and woke up 2 more times thinking the same then when I woke up I couldn't feel the surface of the skin on my body from my head to my tows I needed to be helped out of the bed and my wife had to support me where ever I wanted to go like the bath room so on I couldn't talk real good and had every side effects that you could
Now I cant feel the top of my skin all over my body I don't know if I had a slight stroke or not my symptoms with the skin is like when you get your tooth out you can feel that you touch it but it still feels numb
Also my brain and eyes feel so numb that sometimes I cant drive I only want to stay at home and do nothing and when I do drive I may not be able to get home
I have my own security Business that I haven't been able to work in I can sometimes not know where I am some times when I get real bad
Every one doesn't understand what is wrong with me and that the tablets would not do this to me but it all happened after I took them
When you have side affects as bad as I did this knocks out your immune system and I don't know how much it has come back because I an allergic to more things now is there someone out there that has the same things going on or dose any one now what is going on with me

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by cmc848, May 06, 2009
I have been taking tramadol for only one week and Now I cant feel the top of my skin all over my body I don't know if I had a slight stroke or not my symptoms with the skin is like when you get your tooth out you can feel that you touch it but it still feels numb

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by cmc848, May 06, 2009
Has anyone besides Graeme Edgerton had a similar experience to what I described above (sorry I messed up when I posted this-first time)

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by delymebr, Aug 21, 2009
I was given Tramadol on 8/1/09 after lacerating and fracturing my left Great toe. I only took one or two at night for
no more than five nights.  In the morning I felt bad and decided to stop. Since then I have had general sick feeling along
with fatigue, neck/headache,  hot flashes, inablity to sleep, and increased resting heart rate (83-90bpm). My husband also has been on Tramadol at the beginning of the year -and when he stopped he went through the same feelings - he went back on Tramadol because he couldn't stand the way he felt not thinking it was the med causing it.  I got off as soon as I began to experience the ill feelings that he experienced when stopping it. As of today 8/21/09 I still do not feel better.  I went to the doctor today and she referred me to a cardiologist because she heard a heart murmur and irregular heartbeats.
I have not felt like this before taking the Tramadol. How long could the effects last??

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by SAP72, Oct 10, 2009

I was prescribed Tramadol a couple of years ago after very invasive surgery. At first, I found the Tramadol a great help and one side effect was the feeling of extreme elation, although I did have some horrible side effects too: nausea, confusion, sleeplessness and worst of all severe itching. For this reason I stopped taking the medicine because the bad side effects were worse than dealing with the pain.

Then, yesterday evening I was a little drunk and found my old Tramadol tablets in the cupboard. Remembering the feelings of elation but forgetting the other horrible side effects, I very stupidly took a triple dose. For the last twelve hours I have had terrible hallucinations, not been able to sleep, felt like I was on fire, suffered violent vomiting and had that insane itching. I have literally scratched myself to the point of bleeding. I also have fallen over while trying to get to the bathroom. I have felt so bad that I have picked up the phone to call for an ambulance on a couple of occasions. I didn't go through with it though because I feel so ashamed for my irresponsibility.

I am still feeling terrible and have been sick three times while writing this but at least I can write, which would've been impossible a few hours ago.

I have now thrown the tablets in the bin. I know all this was my own fault for being so stupid by taking a triple dose while intoxicated.

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by Lesley158, Dec 01, 2009
I was taking Tramadol for three weeks for Pancreatitis. Unaware of the side effects I stopped it suddenly in favour of paracetamol only, when the pain became more manageable. Within two days I started to feel violently sick, couldn't sleep and worse of all 'skin crawls' that I couldn't explain to anyone. I started to feel irritable and anxious and felt that I just couldn't carry on like this. My stomach pain retuned and I was readmitted to hospital, given morphine for the pain and then Tramadol again. The skin crawls stopped but returned again after the Tramadol was again stopped. I asked the doctors in the hospital if this could be a withdrawal symptom but they all assured me it wasn't! I've now been experiencing this as well as sleeplessness, nausea and anxiousness for a week. It occasionally gets better only to get worse again. Does anybody have any idea of how long it takes for these symptoms to disappear? When at their worse I even get suicidal thoughts. Lesley

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by jannybh99, Dec 04, 2009
my hubby was on this drug, untill he had trouble swollowing, a rash , dizzy, cant stay awake, head pain, etc, he contacted the the doc as listed on the leaflet to do, they made nothing of this and just told him to lower the dose, that was last friday hes just come of it and still has all these problems and finds it hard to swollow etc, how long will this last does anyone know as the doc seems as helpfull as a chocolate fireguard!!

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by FayRae, Mar 11, 2010
Hi All! I was put on Tramadol 2 1/2n years ago for  Fibromyalgia and severe nerve damage. I didn’t want to take anything stronger since I’m a recovered addict of  10 years of what ever you got I’ll take it. From being in chronic pain everyday and most days never even being able to get out of bed to up and living life almost like normal. I thought my prayers have been answered with Tramadol. Half of me is very grateful to be able to get out of bed now but know I am addicted for sure. If I miss a dose I suffer mentally an physically so bad to the point of wanting to end it all. Due to being in chronic pain and on going medical issues I have had mayor issues with medical insurance co.. Dropped then had to go through county medical then new insurance then dropped then back to county medical. Through this whole 2 stepping all these different doctors I’ve seen seem to completely different Ideas on how much I should take. I have been on 2-50mg 2-3 times a day for 2 years now. Well some docs think I should take half and I have told them I will get sick and they look at me in complete disbelieve and think I’m a nut case. Bottom line I keep getting different perceptions filled one month sometimes only 60 pills another month from another doctor 180 pills. I just won a disability case that I'd been fighting for 3 years now so I am on Medic -Midi. I can go to what ever doc I want now. Just started with a nice new doctor so I thought. She made a mistake on the my first refill of Tramdol only allowing now 60 for a month. I need 180 not 60. Can’t they do the math Even the pharmacy knows and has it in their record's how many I need monthly for years. Nevertheless I have called my new doctor office 6 times to clear this up since I am out of Tramadol now. I have expressed  to the office nurse I will get sick and could end up in the emergency if this isn’t taken care ASAP. On top of it all I have the very bad flu with fever so my body’s immune system is at it’s worse. I’m so upset and actually scared because if you stop taking Tramdol abruptly you can have seizures not to mention worse pain then ever. Why doesn’t the doctors office know this. I’m really not sure what to do but perhaps go down there and cause a scene but then I look like a big drug addict, right? One last thing does anyone get and upset stomach from the little round ones marked AN-627. One prescription is just fine and the another prescription. has made me sick and it is the whole prescription. I have a brother who’s also on Tramadol and he is having the same problem. We have both tested this together and it’s very true. I really need to get off this but not sure what else to take for the pain anymore. Love to hear anyone’s thoughts

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by CJD1984, Mar 18, 2010
Hi, I am on tramadol and have continued to take it because it has done wonders for my mild depression. There are others who have had the same luck. Its may boost seritonin and can affect the brain in a positive way for many. I have ran out temporarely before while i had to wait a couple days for my refill in the mail. I will say that u can not suddenly stop taking this medication. depending on ur dose u will go through extreme withdrawal. It was the worst misery i have ever gone through. Im on a high dose and it is no joke (withdrawal). Thats why i keep a small emergency stash that is only for in case i am completely out and to keep from withdrawal. One day if i do come off the drug i will do so nice and slow to avoid any extreme withdrawal. If u do the same things u will not have to much trouble with the tramadol. If not u will go through absolute hell when it comes to withdrawal.

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by johnzp, Jun 30, 2010
Hi there!  I was just wondering if I'm the only person who reads the leaflets that come with prescription drugs.  Cos my Tramadol leaflet quite clearly states that it is addictive and should be stopped gradually.  It also gives a very clear list of drugs that should not be taken at the same time.  

I personally think this is a small price to pay for the pain relief it brings, will make sure I do not take a full dose in any given day, and when the time comes, will go to my doctor and discuss coming off it in stages.

Always read the leaflets, guys!  They contain a wealth of information that you need to know before you start taking these things.

My thoughts and best wishes are with everyone who finds themselves having to take any kind of medication for any reason.  Good health is the holy grail of life and one which is rarely reached.

Zoe xx

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by josey395, Oct 18, 2010
The doctor almost offhandedly prescribed me tramadol when I asked for a pain med that was not an NSAID for my dysautonomia. I was excited because they are supposedly "well tolerated".

Well, the first time I took it I felt very happy, but the next morning I swear I have never felt worse (and it's been really bad sometimes). For about a week and a half, I was in so much pain in my head and neck that I just laid in bed, but I was so restless that I couldn't lay still. Any movement, sound or light drove me crazy and made my heart race insanely. I shut myself in my closet with ear plugs and a sleep mask but I couldn't sleep more than two hours a night. My muscles would spaz out and tremor like crazy and I would get lightning pain in my fingers and feet. I couldn't eat at all. I wished that something would happen to finally just end it because I felt like death would have been less painful.

When I went to the doctor and told them about how terrible I felt, they told me I was just anxious and to keep taking it and also take some anxiety meds.

I stopped taking it for two days and drank a tonnnnnnnnnnn of water and woke up feeling fabulous! Comparatively anyways. Then I took it again to see if it was really tramadol and not any of the other six meds I'm on and all hell broke loose and everything came back.

Even off it (after only two weeks of taking small doses) my hands and feet hurt like insanity! I'm hoping I didn't like fry my nerves with this stupid stuff. It was so not worth the two weeks.

So... be careful?

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by bcg0273, Oct 26, 2010
Tramadol, I will tell another story at another time, I have been on this drug for over 2 years now.  Ran out a few weeks ago, the withdrawl was extremely bad lucky I am a smoker a nice addiction to have lol.  I have most symptoms that everyone says, even the brain swimming thing.  I am back on it.  I take 2-50mg tablets just 1 time and I am good the whole day, I have bad Fibromyalgia.  The one symptom I am seeing is extremely scary, I am forgetting, I am only 37 I am forgetting lots of things, even forgot how to do basic math and I won an award in math years ago.  Short term memory loss, I have to be reminded once or twice about simple things, I took this drug cause I trusted my Doctor, I told him I wanted nothing to do with Narcotics, he said tramadol is non-addictive, is a non-narcotic, it does have a narcotic affect though, It does help my pain I will say that, but these symptoms are outrageous.  Seems like we were all lied to and this pisses me off.

Brian USA Florida

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by gav461, Nov 16, 2010
hi, i have been on tramadol for 4 years now for pain relief for my crohn's disease, often combined with co-codamol30/500 for when the pain is at its worst. whenever i take tramadol i notice a feeling of elation and happiness and acts like a mild anti depressent, i get a warming glow come over me and feel more awake and focused yet spaced out and relaxed aswell. does anyone else get symptons like this, also my partner says i am more talkative and hardly shut up when the tramadol is in my system

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by kingofcool, Nov 18, 2010
hi,i have been on tramadol for nearly 10 years for chronic back pain,when i first started taking them 1 tablet would give me pain relief for 1-2 days,as the years went by i developed a tolerance to tramadol and had to take 16  50mg tablets per day to get the relief i first felt,the downside was the side effects got really bad,many side effects similar to being very drunk,i would get really bad hangovers in the morning and it would take me hours to get my head together,i am normally a calm person but on tramadol i became very aggressive and angry and could easily fly in to a rage,especially road rage,i got frequent headaches which could last up to 5 days and the tablets did not seem to work when i had these headaches,i would get very hot and sweaty and would drink loads,subsiquently i was urinating constantly,i had nearly all the side effects mentioned in this thread and one day i thought enough was enough and i stopped taking them,this was a big mistake,i was bed ridden for 2 weeks,i was sweating that much i was literally urinating through my skin,i drank as much as i could but it just came out in sweat and my kidneys got infected due to dehydration,i ended up in hospital on morphine for the kidney pain,every time i got up from bed i lasted about 5 seconds and had to lie down due to dizzyness,i learnt that you should not suddenly stop taking tramadol as the withdrawals are similar to coming off heroin and can kill you in extreme cases,i am still on them now as nothing else gives the same relief,i try to keep to a max of 8  50mg a day,the side effects never get any better so i am stuck on them,i have tried every drug going and nothing works like tramadol on my pain,its deffinately addictive physically and mentally and i cannot hold a job down due to the side effects of this drug,they say its safe to keep taking but im not convinced but what can i do ?

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by lotsofops, Mar 05, 2011
i have had several major operations and always given tramadol,codiene and co -codramol...same after effects, max time I spent on were 4 months solid 8x 50mg tram a day, 1000mg codeine,500 mg co codramol...same sweats and itching...loratadine was given to stop that itching and skin crawling,leg aches,restless legs,insomnia...
didnt wean off,and wasnt warned to by a doc either...and had aches,pains and headaches for 4-5 days ...
by 5th night I went out and got drunk with mates...felt alot better after that!

and now I had another operation,the pain without was not again had them and stopped 2 days ago,tingling in feet,pins and needles,headaches,aches and pains all over.legs and whole body...
again stopped with not weaning...had a shorter period on them this time so gather another 4-5 days and side effects will be gone...

nasty old drug I think,if necessary for operations etc think have to way it up for yourself and what tolerance over pain to after effects you can handle...and go from there...and if you are addictive personality,can you give up most things..etc...

they should warn people more...mine never got me high though...

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by nobody667, Aug 23, 2011
Tramadol is both anti-depressant and an opioid I understand from a few hours research. A strange drug.

Tramadol is chemically very close to Effexor, a very dangerous anti-depressant. I suspect that is why there are serious withdrawal pains. I was on Effexor and tried to stop--wow, that was a mistake. My research shows it's worse than heroin withdrawal. I had brain zaps, floating head, delayed time sensastion when moving, crawling skin and all that. It took a 5% taper a week for 4 months to finally be off Effexor (and the help of opiods to help the pain).

Yet, it somehow has pain-relieving qualities and opiod qualities and effects too. These are highly addictive as well, so it makes sense that Tramadol would be a double-whammy to a lot of people. I would not take it, knowing how bad Effexor is too get off of. Be ready to be on it for life and weigh your decision carefully. If if keeps you sane or pain-free, then use it as long as you are able to accept the side-effects and possible horrendous withdrawal, if needed.

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by klumaverik, Jul 10, 2012
me and my wife r hooked she is driving from sc to ga to bring me more. I had to leave work.  I became weak, I yawn and my eyes feel like when you wake up from a short nap and they jerk when I move them.  So now I'm so scared because we are both going thru running out and having these withdraws.  Im scared.  I also cry very easy when I stop taking them.

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by annml76, Mar 01, 2015
Hey there. I'm allergic to Nsaids and so for pain relief after a miscarriage I was perceived tramadol. Took only 50mg once a day for a year. During that year ... I saw 16 doctors. The tramadol caused me to have joint and muscle pain, sweats, heat flashes throughout my left side. Because the pains were on my left side only ... most didn't believe me. Ultimately I ended up with a ... Fibromyalgia diagnosis. I didn't believe it .. but changed to lyrica and finished off my tramadol script.  Didn't notice any changes for a couple of months except the chronic muscle spasms in my left calf had eased. Now I'm off both and no longer suffering!!! Watch the side effects as well as the addictive nature of this drug!

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by janisk, Mar 19, 2015
I have been taking tramadol for over a year now for migraines. I've read the previous stories and I'm confused. I stumbled upon this site because I just had blood work come back and my white blood cells count is very low, so naturally I wonder if it's the tramadol since that and birth control are the only meds I take daily. With that being said, tramadol has not only reduced my headaches but my mobility has increased and I sleep better at night. However I wonder if I slowly decreases my doses will my white blood count increase?

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by JeannieN, Sep 21, 2015
Have been taking Tramodol for many years for severe back pain recently I have been having severe generalized itching especially at night and was having only about 2 hours sleep before the itching woke me up. So I decided through trial and error to see which of my medications was responsible for this reaction I eventually realised it was the Tramodol so didn't take it last night and yes I slept all night but today I have felt terrible, got severe joint pain, irritable and feeling generally really ill don't know what to do I feel as if I'm between the devil and they deep blue sea, I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't

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by Weeroy, Dec 03, 2016
3/12/2016 I have been on tramadol since 2009 1was up to 450g a day it has took 3 months to get down to 200g slow release suffererd all symptoms that have Been talked about .I was first put on tramadol when I damaged vertebrate in my back and over the last 4 years I have had 2 knee replacements and a broken wrist doctors and hospital increased my dosage of tramadol.  I. Want to reduce this further but I know it will take me months rather weeks and will let you know how I get on I am 64 years old and male

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by sunenergy, Dec 26, 2016
Recently kicked a severe 8 year addiction to tramadol. I was taking up to 25/30 of the 50mg tabs daily within a year of being put on it. Tried medical detox but they simply don't have a real protocol in place for this poison yet. I had to think outside the box and came up with something that worked "for me", everybody is different. I have been off the tramadol for a little over 30 days now. To those of you suffering from addiction, (especially tramadol) I know the hell that comes with withdrawal but it can be done, and YOU WILL SUCCEED

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by 99887766, Jun 30, 2017
Stay away from this Demonic poison!!!Must  have been developed in a Nazi ww2 lab!!! I had most of the side effects as the other folks who posted,but my main problem is this garbage just wipes out my immune system!!!!! The face this drug is so easily obtained should raise concern,the bastards are trying to kill us!!!!They have to know this stuff is pure evil!!!!! I have taken hydrocodone and not had this many side effects.Prayers to all who encounter this Demon,its one HELL of a prick!!!!!

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by Stitcher927, Nov 27, 2017
Everyone has their own tolerance level to any drug. I’ve taken Tramadol for 17 yrs for a congenital disorder of the collagen in my tendons which causes laxity in my joints, leading to bad pain and joint deterioration. I’ve always followed label directions for dosing and have had absolutely no problems. I can miss a day or two, with no problems.  I take 50 to 100 mg, 2 to 3 times daily, only when needed...NEVER more! The only issue I can relate to is if I take a dose too close to bedtime I can have difficulty getting to sleep. I don’t know what I would do without Tramadol, along with Ibuprofen, to handle my chronic pain. So there are people who take Tramadol (generic for Ultram) with no side effects. If side effects occur with ANY drug, report these to your prescribing physician and wean your way off the drug with his/her assistance. NEVER take a higher dose than your physician has prescribed; and NEVER mix a prescription drug with other unapproved Rx drugs or alcohol. There are a million and one pitfalls to safely treating chronic pain. Good luck to you who are struggling to find the answers that are right for you.

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