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He thought he could understimated me.

Sep 28, 2015 - 0 comments

relationships and se




unexplained pain beh

This guy introduce himself to me as a very good friend. He also said that his a kind of guy that is understanding and  he also had girl friend.Then,for me it was nice to meet someone new.But accidentally when were so drunk he attempt to rape me. But I refuse cause even though I'm drunk,I'm still on my mind set. He told me that he loves me. He wanted to be with me all night. But even though those sweet words were kept on running on his mouth I still refuse to have sex with him. After that night,he was kinda upset because he wasn't able to have sex with me. But the truth is I really like him,he just really disappoint me about what happened.I know that he doesn't like me,he just want to have sex with me that night.Because he was feeling horny and most of all they're not in good terms with his girl friend right now. Lesson for this year is that "Even though you like him/her,it doesn't mean that your gonna just have sex with her/him.Pls,have sex with someone that you only love not just for fun."

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