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Another day

Jul 14, 2008 - 1 comments

Went to the doctor he tells me I have a gastric ulcer from my meds it lead to pancreatis I have to look that up.  I like my doctor and I hope that is all that it is I have to have several more test next week.  So tired of doctors seems like they are family now go to them so much don't even have time to finish anything even when I feel like it.  

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by worriedmother3, Jul 14, 2008
I'm sorry to hear about the ulcer, I'm sure that it is very painful...As if you don't already have enough to deal with.  It seems that some people are specifically chosen to have their plate piled high with difficulties, while others complain about the weather, doesn't it?  I always marvel at that.  Well, I hope that you are feeling a little better soon, and no further complications arise. (Like pancreatis-which I know nothing about but doesn't sound very good!)

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