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Day Two On 1 mg

Mar 13, 2010 - 0 comments



Weight gain








increased appetite

So today is day two, of me taking 1 mg of Abilify.  I can already tell, just like day one that 1 mg does not seem to be as effective in deterring my irritability and agitation.  It's better, but not where I know I could be/have been; so that is frustration in itself.  Secondly, I forgot to "stock up" on my Adderall, for when I do 3 shifts at work, so I could only take the Abilify Friday morning.  I definitely noticed an increase in my appetite all through the morning and into the afternoon.  It was terrible that I didn't even bother weighing myself today.  I did remember to refill my stock today though, it's just a hassle since it's a narcotic; I need to be more careful with it.

I am tired and my back pain seems to be magnified by it.  I know I will love my pay check when I get it; however, all these extra OT hours are getting to me.

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