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Mar 13, 2010 - 1 comments








I could have handled the situation better.  I could have been the greeter, instead of the waiter.  I could have done everything a little differently.

Tonight was Friday night poker.  I arrived maybe two minutes late, and the one table I play at had already started (in my mind: thanks for waiting, you knew I was coming).  When I arrived, no one greeted me, or acknowledged me.  Certainly not in any fashion that generally is done for when someone arrives.  It made me feel alone, unwanted, intruding.  It was frustrating.  I could have greeted the table.  I could have just ignored it.  I could have smiled and told my brain to shut up.  However, I did none of those things.  I will try to learn from this mishap.

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by ILADVOCATE, Mar 13, 2010
Yes I would agree to some extent but if you in some way you believe they made you feel isolated it might be worth discussing with some of the people seperatedly or perhaps just understanding why they might have done this as it seems since you know these people they in some way made you feel unwelcome and they might have done otherwise if they had thought things through.

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