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Dark time in my life...

Sep 30, 2015 - 1 comments

Three nights ago I started to get very sick I couldn't even drive back over to my parents...after hours of waiting being daring I finally decided go now or be stuck here and possibly have to be admitted to the worst 3:30 am I made it back to my parents...not only was I dealing with something big coming on but also a lot of mental things to thee days later I have my wonderful, curious back pain, bleeding from rectum and when peeing but most disturbing is my L foot/ankle both feet are swollen but the left is by far much bigger and red and hot to the touch...worse then that I can't find a pulse on/in my left all...I've asked my Mother for 3 Nights now to please see if you can feel a pulse if not I must go and cannot fool around as from past experience this very well seems to be a blood clot...on top of that as though this is not enough my OWN Mother whom is supposed to be extremely close to me/one another now has failed me..I've repeatedly asked Mom over the course of three (3) days and nights to please, please feel for a pulse for me as this is very upsetting not to mention all of the pain i'm enduring bc I don't want to go to a emergency room UNLESS life wonder bc for this site I had to remember and list all past and present health issues, surgeries and near death experiences...which in turn has put me in a rather down mood...I hope someone takes the time to respond to my recent (I'll say so far) three (3) days of utter darkness in my life...These last three days have me so concerned yet maybe not concerned enough...I suppose this happens when you've been through so much trials and tribulations...unbearable pain...the inability to even walk for two of the three days!  But, perhaps this is just yet another bout of cellulitis and not a blood clot although that doesn't even touch the problems I'm having with my back/lung pain...I will only hope and pray tomorrow is a better and brighter day to brighten these dark days I'm dealing with...God Bless and stay safe!

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by DoreenLola, Sep 30, 2015
It's me Doreenlola...I just joined and should you have taken a moment to read my above post can you be so kind as to read my profile or I believe in there it explains this pain I'm having on my Left back lung area that I've had for three years now and it is more frequent and getting worse and any and all comments would be deeply appreciated...I mean this from the very bottom of my heart and soul...Thanks''''

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