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Swollen Lymph Node on my 4 year old child's neck and head

Jul 14, 2008 - 0 comments

My little boys has had swollen lymph nodes on his neck for around 6 months.  They swell up and get large but then they decrease in size.  Different nodes on the neck get larger then smaller.  Some mornings when he wakes up, he may have one large enough in size that it is noticeable because it sticks out of his neck.  I took him to the doctor about 5 months ago and he put him on an antibiotic. The nodes continued to do the same thing.  I took him back last month and we were referred to an ear nose and throat specialist.  We attended this appointment and the dr. stated that the nodes felt normal sized.  He stated none felt abnormal.  He stated it didn't seem normal for them to swell up and then go down in size but he did not know what would cause that.  Our pediatrician did some blood work and I don't know what specific tests were done but he said that everything was normal but my little boy was "borderline anemic".  The fact is that my child does not eat red meat or many green veggies.  I can see how this could be so.  I have put him on a vitamin with iron.  I was worried that this could be related to the swollen lymph nodes.  I questioned the ear nose and throat dr. about the borderline anemia being correlated with the swollen nodes.  He stated he could not see any correlation.  Now, one week after the ear nose and throat appt my child has a swollen knot like area on the back of his head.  I get really freaked out and stay on the internet researching these things.  I keep seeing a lot of cancer websites and it concerns me so much.  I am so worried.  My little boy does not eat good but it doesn't seem like this has been a sudden change or anything.  His weight is normal and he has not lost weight.  Can anyone give any insight or advice.  Should I leave this alone or get another opinion on this.  Thanks so much because this sort of things worries mothers into becoming hypochondriachs.

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