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7 Weeks after surgery

Jul 14, 2008 - 4 comments

7 weeks




after surgery







Hi everyone. I wanted to get on here and say hello to my people. I hope all of you are well and enjoying your summer. I havent been on much i have been cleaning and in the yard and out with kids. Since i got cleared at my 6 weeks checkup i have been a busy little bee. I am feeling great. I dont ever remember feeling this good before...My scar is not too bad. I use vitamin e everyday and its wonderul. I dont have any symptoms of menopause at all. I am really surprised. So all in all i feel great. Just wanted everyone to know.

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by Twilight_Princess, Jul 15, 2008
Hi Roshelle,

I kinda knew you were more than likely busy. I am so happy you are feeling great! I bet it's been awhile since you felt this good. Enjoy it! You deserve it!

BTW, You look GREAT in your new photo! Dang, I'm jealous now! LOL!

Speak soon and check in here once in a while ...

Love ya,

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by Sharon2714, Jul 15, 2008
he roshelle
u do look great and i cant wait to feel as fantastic as u do :)
god richly bless u indeed

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by TrudieC, Jul 15, 2008
Hi Roshelle!  So glad you are doing so well.  I have to agree that you look amazing!  I am doing well too and 10 lbs. down from the surgery.  Back to real life next week!

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by lady452008, Aug 08, 2008
WOW...........THAT IS AWESOME NEWS GIRL!!  I know you had a lot to deal with BEFORE surgery.  Glad to hear this!  You must really be feeling like a new woman!  Did you keep either of your ovaries I can't remember?  I have the hot flashes that come and go.  Some times are worse than others.  I'm now having the SLEEP issue's more now that 3 months plus have gone by!  It's HARD TO BELIEVE it's been over 3 months ago I had surgery!   Life does go on doesn't it!  LOL   I get 3, 4 and 5 hours a night of sleep.  It's HARD sometimes and I'm GROUCHY from being TIRED..... Stay well and KEEP ENJOYING THE NEW YOU..........   :)  Your friend, Sharon

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