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Mar 14, 2010 - 0 comments

Hi all,
Thought I would let you know a bit about me.
Back in September 2009 my fingers on my left hand started to go numb, I was seeing an elbow specailist at the time as I had badly injured my elbow a few weeks earlier. He was convinced that I had carpel tunnel syndrome even though all the tests came back negative and it was all my fingers going numb and by now so was my arm he was still pushing to do CTS op.  When I refused he suggested a steriod injection then if it was CTS it would resolve the problem in the short term and we would know if I definitley needed the op. I did the steriod injection it did nothing.

In the mean time I had been to see my GP as I was upset that the specailist was being so single minded. By now it was mid-November and the feeling of pressure/numbness was not only in my arm and hand but was going over my head. He referred me to a Neurologist.

The Neurologist examined me  mid December and arranged an MRI of the brain and cervical spine. He felt that I had brisk reflexes.
The results of the MRI showed a solitary T2 Hyperintense focus in the right parietal subcortical white matter which is non specific and by no means diagnostic of demyelination.

By now I was having a problem with my right eye, not the sight but pain around it and moving it and it is a real problem to look up or straight a head for any length of time. The eyelid had dropped slightly. I was now getting pins and needles down my legs. I also have spasms in my limbs.

My Neurologist arranged for brainstem potentails, EEG and a lumbar punture. and all of these have come back normal.
He has also arranged another MRI with contrast which I have not had the results of yet.

It has been 7 months that my symptoms have gradually been getting worse I am not taking any medication and my neurologist has suggested I have a second opinion as he does not know what is causing my problems.

So that's me for the moment. I have a loving husband who has been very patient and 2 children 18 and 20 years old and are studying away from home. I run my own business due th the nature of the business I have not let on to any of my clients what is going on which in itself has been quite hard as I have had to find cover which is virtually impossible and has had clients asking difficult questions.

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