Sump Pump cannot handle all the WATER!!!!!!

Mar 14, 2010 - 11 comments

Spent the day pumping out water from the rain.  The sump pump broke, the water took hold, a new one isn't handling the am't of water still wanting to come in.

We hadn't had water in the basement like this since Hurricane Floyd.

The one thing that is ruined  so far until the musty smell sets in and hopefully can be saved is my wedding gown .. somehow water got into the bag and it's all moldy --- I don't care how much it's going to cost -- I'm having it dry cleaned.  It's 27yrs old and survived until this water water everywhere.

Not having a Good Day and I hurt all over already.  Luckily we got the last sump pump at Sears and my husband installed it.

Did I say I'm not having a good day?

Who's going to sleep near this sump pump when the resevoir overflows?

Oh -- and the electric is out .. thankfully the GFIC tripped and nobody got hurt.


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by Cherie762, Mar 14, 2010
so sorry such a bad day...can you go to home depot or such and get a gas generator? Im sure your gown can be saved,,good luck


793305 tn?1493925518
by hope4thegoodstuff, Mar 14, 2010
I live on top of a hill and far from the water, but Iowans are having the same problem...Ice jams, snow melt and flooding.  The Des Moines river is not supposed to peak until Wednesday.  I've often said if we flood where I am.....we'd better be building an arc.  

389974 tn?1331015242
by swampcritter, Mar 14, 2010
Yikes! Tell anyone bailing water by hand to use good practices and not to overdo it -- water is heavy stuff.

996699 tn?1447229881
by raquelplus2, Mar 15, 2010
aww om sorry to hear that. it seems bad always comes in 3's????!! idk why it is awfull. but i do wish n hope your weddn gown is saved n not ruined i would take it asap. i hope everythng works out. goodluck

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by ChitChatNine, Mar 15, 2010
Here's the Good News:   There was a clog in the sump pump pipe that cleared itself and now it's working fine!

The high school closed early -- no running water.  Elementary schools are closed - no power.  

I have plenty of clean tap water -- wanna trade?


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by sherrieP, Mar 15, 2010
Finally had a little time to look around a little at different Medhelp pockets and found this; geez I 'm so sorry to hear how yikes all the water damage is, especially the wedding dress. I would think if you took it to dry cleaners right away they'd be able to tell you if they can save it from too much damage. I still haven't heard from my aunt in Jersey,  no idea how things are. I always intend to watch the weather more closely and end up missing it more times than not. I sure hope it gets better soon for you guys on the east coast!

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by Cindy, Mar 16, 2010
So glad your sump pump is back up and running well, but sorry you have been deluged with rains on top of all the snow you've had this winter!!  Always the optimist - at least you won't have to worry about a drought this year! :)  When will the ARC be finished?


17568 tn?1424973559
by Cindy, Mar 16, 2010
PS - sorry I meant ARK - as in Noah!

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by Jaybay, Mar 16, 2010
Our home flooded last April and like you, my heirloomed wedding gown was submerged.  It wasn't just rainwater either.  The sewers backed up into the house.  You need to get that gown to the cleaners NOW or it won't be salvageable.  I was able to unpack mine and let it hang dry.  My sister got it to the cleaners 2 days later, and they said it was just in time.  Don't use just any old dry cleaner either or they'll run it through the usual machines and shred any decorative beading and lace.  Make sure it's a cleaner who does heirlooming and restorative work.

We had the same problem with a sump pump we tried to use to empty our sunken living room after we flooded.  Debris kept clogging it, and once the water got under 1", it couldn't suck up any more.  We had to sweep and hand-bail the rest of it.  Thought I was going to break my back by the time we finished the 2-hour job.

I'm praying for you and everyone else in the northeast who is threatened by flood waters.  Having lived through one myself, I wouldn't wish a flood on my worst enemy.

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by Crritter, Mar 16, 2010
Aw, so sorry for you.  We had flooding in our basement for about 8 weeks solid.  We are finally finishing our basement again.  Had to tear out sheetrock as we couldn't stop the mold, even though we tried to dry it up & left the lights on 24/7, couldn't get the water to stop, when we did it was too late.  The sheetrock wicks it up.  I hope you get things dried up soon & get .  Take care,

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by ChitChatNine, Mar 19, 2010
Thank you ALL ....  Ut Oh on the sheetrock .. ut oh

the windows are open and the  dehumidifier is running non-stop.  The pump hole is filling up and it pumps out every 3 mins round the clock a big gush of water ... the ground is still saturated and some in my neighborhood still are without power!

This weekend an above-average 70 degrees .. YOOOO HOOO!!!!


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