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Ecstatic, yet frustrated, yet hopeful.

Mar 14, 2010 - 1 comments







Breast Cancer








Thyroid Cancer

Today, I was told that Thyroid Cancer has been eliminated from my possible medical problems. I was so happy when my doctor called me, and yet I was also disappointed. If my thyroid isn't the problem, what could it be?

I'm getting an eye exam soon, which will more than likely lead to a Neurology Appointment. But out of my experiences, I've prepared myself for the "I don't know what is wrong with you" speech from the doctors.

All my life I've been waiting for the day when I will be handed a magical pill and everything will be back to normal. I've never thought about the day when I will be told nothing will ever be the same again.

Although the latter may be the case, I will never give up on the greater things in life. At least I have my arms and legs, unlike Nick Vujicic. At least I don't have Breast cancer, like so many women. All of these people, given some of the worst possible circumstances, share one thing in common. Hope. Hope to live their life to the fullest. Hope to have a better tomorrow. I admire these people and their courage. Their hope enables me to have the same hope.

The hope of a future.

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by A0M, May 10, 2010
I totaly understand. I want it to be somthing that can be removed.  I have had an MRI on my head and they have found nothing. GRRRR.

I love they way you think!

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