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A new day

Mar 15, 2010 - 0 comments

Here is to a new day, a day where I take control of my life one more. Not letting anxiety ruin it and if it turns up well do what you gotta do and get it over with cause if in  a minute your still there I'll tap you away. I have muscle spasm thAT will take time to heal cause I keep taking a baby in my hands but it will heal. I'm seeing someone over the anxiety and for the first time in a long while I took the time to talk to my husband over how it feels for me to have anxiety and that I feel alone in it. That I understand it can't be easy to be on the other side of it but that he needs to understand that I'm doing all I can't to get out of it. Anxiety is like a wood shar that is extremely small and hidiung under your nail. you know it's there, you can definately feel the pain\effects of it. But it's just out of reach and you can't see it.

I told him I need him here for me, like he was when I was mourning my dad. He's just hug me and let me cry and that's what I need now too. For just hugs and understanding words of you'll get out of this and I'll be here for you every step. A word of encouragement a true hug. I think we reconnected, I feel like we did and I needed that. I know that I can win over anxiety and get out of it. I just need to slow down and find the new pace that my life with two growing kids has to offer. I'm here for me, I'm here for my kids, I'm here for my husband, I'm here for my family, I'm here for life.

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