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Mar 14, 2010 - 4 comments

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Spring has sprung and I spent 45 minutes planting my herb in the garden. Everything got wiped out with the crappy weather last year and this winter so its getting a fresh start.

Had to add new soil and am out of organic fertilizer so its not going to be 100 percent organic this year. However, I use no pesticides so the produce will be clean and tasty!

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by cainer, Mar 16, 2010
  great   glad 2 see  you are doing better.  i am ready  2  start garden      going  to  give it a  try  - just  a  few  plants!!

   how do you  keep  pesky  bugs  away-  off  plants?    out  here  they  would  destroy  everything!!   wish you the  best!!  tick

755322 tn?1330269114
by Khiba, Mar 16, 2010
Hi Tick!
Where do you live? I hand pick some bugs off, like worms and such, after I photograph them of course, then use soapy water to spray off others and plant companion plants. Don't have much problem with bugs on herbs, except for parsley and dill and fennel. Those attract parsley worms which are just gorgeous and usually show up after I have harvested most of the crops so they can just be welcome to the rest of the plant. I cannot spray any pesticides since I have a toxic build up in my body from years of being a horticulturist and pesticide applicator so I do have to go manual on bug removal!


1056851 tn?1318720978
by Mustang0064, Mar 16, 2010
Wow.  I have started a few seedlings in the house some herbs, tomatoes, cuke, and one maryjane.  today gonna start some marigolds.

We still have leftover small areas with snow, ice mix.  and the ground is still frozen.

755322 tn?1330269114
by Khiba, Mar 16, 2010
We live just south of Houston, so its spring here. Albeit about a month late. I love being able to plant crops twice a year. Fall stuff can be tricky because the winter weather tends to be too wet and sometimes too cold for good growth.
I love the maryjane. LOL Don't grow it here. Could be problematic with the locals. Not a good state for that!

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