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my first entry on the site.

Mar 16, 2010 - 2 comments

im new here and i like it. i like how u can keep track of ur ovulation cycles etc. its very convenient to have it all in one place. im not sure what to write. i would just like to meet new ppl that is going through the same situation i am. so i can have someone to talk to and get out my fustration or whatever is going on. cuz some ppl dont know what its like sometimes to have pcos and not being able to lose weight like u should. it kinda hard to get ur weight down. so over all im having a good day so far.

the meds im on are:
Metformine 1500 mg daily (when i remember to take them)
cycle 1 of clomid (dont know if its a bust or not yet)
Folic acid 1g

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967320 tn?1333199708
by JennaRie, Mar 17, 2010
Good luck in your TTC journey! I too have PCOS and am on Clomid. The first cycle was a bust, no ovulation, so I'm taking Provera to induce AF, then trying again with 100 mg Clomid. I hope it works for you on the first try!

1066426 tn?1330270549
by Cycl3Chick, Mar 17, 2010
I know how you feel about the whole weight issue.  I am worried after I have the baby that I wont lose the weight even if I starve myself.  I don't have pcos but I am hypothyroid which causes weight issues as well.  Hope everything goes well for you :)

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