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Got the job. That's both good and bad. - UPDATED

Jul 15, 2008 - 0 comments










Got the job at Operation Kindness - a no-kill shelter. Oh my, they have SO many dogs and cats! It stinks like poo big time and lots of sick animals there. I already see sinus infections coming!

Very worried though, I have to work 11 hr shifts and with my heel spurs and back pain (not to mention the other pains) I dont know how long I'll make it.  Im going cold turkey off Wellbutrin and Cymbalta now.

*Dr called in a rx for Celexa! Ugh! not taking it...last time I did I was sooo depressed, couldnt keep a job, my bf and I broke up and kciked me out and I gained like 30 pounds.

** I'm taking Effexor and seeing how that's going to go...taken it once years ago and all I recall is chain-smoking and peeing alot. Also, they had offered a P/T position there instead of the F/T 11 hr shifts.

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