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Looking for some friends to support and be supported.

Mar 17, 2010 - 2 comments

New Friends

I started using this site and would like to find a few friends.  Here is a little bit about myself.
I am a 45 year old male, husband and dad.  I teach band at a local High School and have done that for 22 years.
I am a practicing Christian and I enjoy talking/debating religion, politics, just about anything.  

The main reason I started using the site is for support and tracking of weight and blood sugar.  I am type 2 diabetic and have a daughter who is type one.  My highest weight was about 2 years ago when I hit 270.  At that time I was having a lot of trouble with minears disease.  I tried several plans and lost about 40 pounds.  I have bounced back up about 11 pounds and the blood sugar is not so good.

I have been trying to get back to exercising regularly.  I ride a bike, take Tea Kwon Do, and lift weights.  I also am trying to get back to a better diet, but that is tough.  

Anyway, i would enjoy hearing from others.

Take Care and good luck with your goals.


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by ghankins001, Feb 15, 2013
Hi nice to meet you and anyone else around. I'm looking for some support because it really does help to feel like your not alone. I have never gone on a diet before but recently my dr. Told me I am borderline pre-diebetic and since both of my parents are diabetics I know that if I can prevent it an get healthier then that is what I want to do. I have started watching what I eat and I want to start exercising more as well.  . . Lol a little about me I enjoy music and sing in show choir. I love debating or discussing religion politics or really whatever and I always try to keep an open mind.  I hope to make some friends here and support others like I wish for them to support me : )            

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by emurr2010, Jun 01, 2013
Hi I'm a 29 year old married housewife in Alabama and i have type 2. I want to find some people in my same situation. i don't really know how to manage my disease. my sugar goes high and low. I stopped taking my medicine and lost 20 lbs between October 2012 and the end of February 2013 but my sugere got up to 419 so i had to get back on the metformin , jenuvia and i damaged my eyes a little from all that. now i have gotten back on track but have gained all my weight back. it is really depressing and some of my family do not understand that i can't just get rid of this with a snap of my fingers. i really need to find people who have this disease bc i feel aol alone and have no idea how to make things better!! Thank you!

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