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Need a more reliable source as well...

Mar 17, 2010 - 2 comments






I'm still going to continue to do my charting, but I'm also going to order the Ovacue today. With my highly irregular sleeping patterns, and irregular temp timing, I can't really rely on this alone. It remains helpful, though, because of the recording of symptoms, CM, CP, charting intercourse days, and such as. I will still be on every day, charting...just taking journal notes more on what my Ovacue says as well..

Hoping for a Baby Girl!
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by dscoqn, Mar 17, 2010
Is that that ferning microscope thing?  I have one but mine is called Fertile Focus and I find it absolutely useless.  I test a couple of times a day and get different results everytime.  I also get ferning all throughout my cycle - I think I might even test it on my boyfriend to see if he gets ferning LOL.  I find the ovulation pee sticks much more reliable.

Let me know how you find it

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by Girlplz, Mar 22, 2010
No, it's a monitor...pretty expensive. Seems to be working well, though. Looks like my cycle is all over the place...the Ovacue is a sensor's recommended for women who are trying for girls. I've heard some pretty lame stories about the ferning thing, LOL...but pretty much everything I've read about the Ovacue has been very good, especially for those of us trying to sway for pink. :) Lot's of baby dust your way!! hahaha let me know if you fern your BF. I'm gonna Ovacue my man when I'm done with it LOL!!

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