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a cLot!!

Mar 17, 2010 - 0 comments

okay so today was my lab test day...i woke up feeling pretty good...there wasnt anymore discharge in the morning so i was happy for that...went to the doc's and headed back home. after some time i had to go to washroom and noticed red blood and a pretty big clot on my wipe. again i was terrified:(...dont know whats goin on and what will happen...the test result came 4-5 hours later and they told me that my hcg was 1400. i thought i should be around 1600-1800(since it should double after 48 hours) i have to repeat the test on friday. my ultrasound is on thursday but im feeling pretty low...::-((...there is very mild cramping in the underbelly area...its not continuous though. and very mild...but still...i dont know what will happen...everytime when i think that its goin to b okay something terrible just praying whatever wont take a lot of time...i dont think i can take it anymore..:((

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