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Antidepressants... saved the day..

Oct 13, 2015 - 0 comments

I had no idea that antidepressants would actually ... yeah...

From my research - I guess being fructose intolerant...fructose is not supposed to end up in your system.. colon.. anywhere..basically you should normally absorb fructose and then convert it to glucose after going through your liver....

Instead... with me I don't absorb fructose (although my fructose absorption levels have increased.. I can do a whole bag of haribo frogs now..where as before that would make me seriously ill..)

But fructose like other food intolerance..  blocks the absorption of tryptophan ...hence you get anxiety.. insomnia.. ruins your mood..appetite..

So years of this happening, crippling anxiety.. yeah that caused my gut to have serious issues that all the fiber in the world could not fix.

Then many years later.. I begin antidepressants.. after a quick hating life on zoloft.. I tried lexapro and now I can actually function.. I'm much calmer.. I can sleep.. and fiber actually helps my IBS... so yeah..

Life isn't totally 100% for me.. but after a few months on being antidepressants I've been given a life again (sort of..) My biggest problem is the fear of being sick in public...  I'm just scared of throwing up or having an accident in public.. which now.. shouldn't be a problem. so - just like staying up late at night watching a scary movie or playing video games - or reading a book... if you train your brain not to sleep at a certain time... you won't...

if you withdraw from society... eventually you'll have anxiety problems... if you haven't taken a math test or pushed yourself lately.. you're going to have problems.  To me.. in my experience the brain is a lot like a muscle.. you train it... and it will perform... but eating gluten/fructose for sure really screwed up up - upstairs... I can't wait to get off the antidepressants and I think I'll go through the holidays/winter on them.. but I'm looking forward to life with zero medication and feeling 100% for the first time in a looong time.. :)

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