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Breast biopsy

Dec 18, 2007 - 0 comments

I fininished breast feeding mid August 2007 and founf a lump in my breast.  It was very hard and close to the nipple.  I had a surgical biopsy done on a few days ago and here are my results.

Sections reveal breast tissue showing fibrocystic changes with focal mild intraductal hyperplasia, duct ectasia, and marked stromal fibrosis.Scattered infiltrates of uniform well-differentiated lymphoid cells are present surrounding ducts and within the stroma.There are rare multinucleate giant cells. No evidence of atypical intraductal hyperplasia,lobular hyperplasia, or carcinoma is seen.  Lymphocytric infilitrates most likely represent inflammatory reaction.  A small lymphocytic lymphoproliferative disorder cannot entirely be ruled out. Clinical correlation is recommended.

So the surgeon refered my to my regular doctor  who is consulting with a cancer doctor but says is most likely not cancer???? (Some other things mentioned were: lupus, arthritis,  form of leukemia, or NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!!!)


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