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Does stress cause acute HIV symptoms?

Oct 15, 2015 - 1 comments

Hi. I am a boy who had unprotected sex on sept 17 2015 and on day 10 after sex encounter started deep tiredness, on day 14 started numb all over my body and itchy inside penis tube with clear discharge ( look like rain water) and itchy around anus, and on day 17 started severe headache and fever, on day 19 started itchy rash on my torso( face, chest, back, shoulder, arm) and blood test on day 19 for HIV came back negative ( also my partner tested for HIV one day before sex and his result came back negative but I don't know about his sex history maybe he has many partners) then afterward sore throat, lower back pain, lower abdominal pain, urine frequently, and small red spot on tongue, and under tongue look like wart and bump on lower lip and on day 28 joint pain What cause these symptom? Can be HIV ? Genital herpes? Warts? Or Stress? I am stressful one or two weeks before these symptoms appear but the stress didn't focus on HIV but on other matter ( study and financial) then one or two weeks after sex encounter I started fear and stress on HIV then everything ( acute HIV symptoms) started to appear in me one u one , sometime it happen altogether like fever and headache and rash something else which mimic acute HIV symptoms. Please advice ! Thanks!

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by HopeNpraykey, Dec 27, 2016
What are your final results

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