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Im so worried, need someone to take me seriously!

Mar 18, 2010 - 8 comments

Im very worried right now. I injured my leg last saturday playing a Gaelic football match.  I went to casualty (emergency room) that day and after a few hours of waiting was told it was a sprained knee, they gave me crutches and told me to keep my weight off it for 2 days and then start using it. So the pain got increasingly worse over the past few days. I mean this is pain I have never experienced before in my life!! So today I decided to go to my GP and ask his opinion as I thought a sprain would never feel this sore.

He said no it wasn't a sprain but that I had tore my hamstring muscle and to keep off it and start physio. So I got an appointment for physio for this evening.. Went to the session and he told me it wasn't a torn hamstring but I had damaged my MCL (medial collateral ligament) and had cartilage damage! Hmm, ok 3 different diagnosis in 5 days...They never gave me an MRI scan, this is just from moving my leg and my description of the pain!

So now I am so so worried! I have my flights to Alaska booked for the 27th of May. What if this is more serious than they say?? It has happened to a friend and he said he needed surgery but it took 3 weeks to figure this out for him, in which time he did more damage cause of all the treatment. I am so afraid this will need surgery and by the time the damn doctors figure it out it will be closer to Alaska and i will have to miss it!! It has actuallu upset me cause I am so looking forward to going away this summer!!!

I dont know wat to do, no-one is listening to me!!! How the he// do I get this point out there, how do I get them to take me seriously??? All I want is an MRI scan to make things clearer!!!

Sorry for the long post but Im a lil upset and VERY worried!!!

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by specialmom, Mar 18, 2010
I'm sorry you are in such pain!  Sprains can be very painful from what I hear and I don't know if it is even further damaged beyond that.  Can you reschedule with your doctor and express your concerns?  Can you insist on the test to see what is going on for sure?  I would sure try-------- knowing that the louder you are about it the more likely they will follow through and speed up the process to figure this out.  I'll cross my fingers and say a prayer that it is just the sprain and it will heal fast.  Hang in there.  Try not to worry!

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by Jennifer1987, Mar 19, 2010
Thanks, but Id say a sprain will be wishful thinking.. Its still swollen 6 days later and bruising!!!  I said it to mom about asking for an MRI but she sad to wait and see how it goes... And thats my worry!! Wait and see, and then be to late and something will happen and I wont be able to go travelling!!! I dont care about the injury (lol) its Alaska Im worried about!!!! If that makes sense!

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by 29sillygirl, Mar 23, 2010
If it is the knee that is painful and swollen, I say get an MRI.  It is the only way docs can tell for sure what is going on, and your anxiety will be relieved to know exactly what you have to deal with.

Good luck.  I can only imagine your fears about not going on a trip you were looking forward to.

Don't you think we all have a bit of anxiety about everything going well so we can enjoy a planned vacation?

I agree with you; this is not a 'wait and see' sort of time for you.  But try to calm yourself and get the test. when you are stressing out, muscles and such will be tense, increasing pain.

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by MrGreen, Mar 23, 2010
Gaelic footballl. Well fair play to you. Couldn't have picked a better sport. But can be a tough at times. Easy to pick up injuries playing the game. Hope things pick up for you.

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by redheadaussie, Mar 23, 2010
I think the best bet is to see an Orthopedic Surgeon. I had a similar problem...was in agony for over 3 years! Had muscle wasting coz I was 'hopping' on one leg. Turned out to be a miniscus torn, which was removed and my knee cap had to be 'shaved back' In other words, they had no idea till they opened my knee up 'laproscopically'
Took me about 4 weeks to recover and get back to walking properly. I think you really need a specialist.
Alaska sounds fantastic...send me a postcard!

996946 tn?1503249112
by LindaTX, Mar 23, 2010
Hey Jennifer, sorry about your injury and all your pain.  Are the Drs refusing an MRI?  Can you go elsewhere for one?  When I was in a bad car accident 3 yrs ago, they did xrays but my shoulder and leg were both killing me. I knew it was more than a sprain or something minor.  The second day in the hospital I TOLD THE DRs that something bad was wrong and I wanted an MRI.  So finally, they reluctantly gave me 2, one on my badly backward dislocated shoulder, and the other on my broken tibia, which they immediately did surgery and put the appropriate plate and screws in.  I shudder to think what would have happened had they not listened to "their patient."   I hope you feel better soon. Want to see you in Alaska :)

676032 tn?1315674063
by Jennifer1987, Mar 23, 2010

Thanks for your comments!! I have been to physio and he thinks I might need surgery for a meniscus tear!! I will know more this thursday! He was great cause he knows that Im worried about being ok by May! I also have a slightly torn MCl but will repair itself and I have adductor strain to!! Painful to say the least!!! But I hope that this thursday will be the day they decide to do something!

Oh and ya Gaelic football is a great game, I love it and now cant play for ages!! :-( Plus Im from Kerry so of course its my favorite game!! Kerry would wana start copping on, they lost their last game grrrr... lol

Thanks for all ye're kind words!! I will get to Alaska no matter what Linda!!! :-)

996946 tn?1503249112
by LindaTX, Mar 23, 2010
Way to hang in there, Jen!  That's great!   And keep posting on how you're doing.  :)

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