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Fitness tactics.

Jul 16, 2008 - 0 comments

I have written to my G.P. today as I have heard that there is now a scheme that allows some patients to have fitness on prescription.  This, apparently allows the lucky person to go to the public swimming baths for as little as £1 per session, or so I am led to believe.  Also, it allows them to use the gym facilities with a qualified instructer to give guidelines on how to use the apparatus.
I know this seems an odd thing to apply for but if I do not feel like walking far or want to keep an interest, then this is not only an outing for me but maybe it will do me some good aswell.
I will probably get there are stick out like a sore thumb being the oldest 'chick' in the room but what the hell eh!!!!
So, wish me luck every one, lets hope the doc thinks that I am a worthy enough cause to give this a whirl!

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