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Sleep??? What's that????

Mar 19, 2010 - 0 comments

Almost 38 weeks and feeling every minute of it. Sleep has become less and less as I seem to be getting up every half hour or so to pee. I'm sure DH is sooo tired of me rolling out of bed and waddling off to the bathroom 10+ times a night. I know it doesn't help his sleep much either. Every time I finally find a comfortable position, I have to get back up again. I've tracked my sleep for the last week and have managed a whopping 4 hours a night total, though no more than 45 minutes at any stretch.

Pelvic and hip pain is getting worse, as is the sharp pains that go straight down. BH contractions are getting more and more uncomfortable and make it difficult to walk and move around. I try and walk or get outside and play with my son everyday, but lately the weather stinks and it has been raining. Supposed to clear up this afternoon.

Been dragging through the days, seems like I am in a fog with the lack of sleep, but I know my little man will be here soon, just wish the time would go a little quicker. Ever since I hit around 35 weeks, time just drags on and on and on...

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