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anxiety/panic attack issues..

Mar 19, 2010 - 0 comments

hello my names Ruth Sanchez im 24 yrs old soon 2 b 25 in about 2 weeks.,.i feel/am suffering from moderate 2 severe anxiety/panic issues and would like 2 kno more information about these symptoms? im seekin out for help for sum1 that knows more about this issue cause its kiling me that im scoping & searchin and searchin for information and i cant tell my mind about how 2 get rid of this symptom..i have 1 child i get chest pains ever since i (regret have changed my life all the way around) from using and doin crack/cocaine b4 in my years but even b4 i started using/doing these street drugs i have been feeling/felt many different symptoms of panic attacks. i kno the side effects and more so about what i can do to prevent it/these symptoms when and if b4 they can occur...i just want and neeed more seek of help out there with sum1 THAT HAS AND OR KNOWS MORE ABOUT THESE currently takin the medications Xanax, Lorezapam for my anxiety worries but would ALSO like 2 kn more about if i can start takin and using HERBS 2 cure my symptoms even better than xanax and medication takin???/ plzzz sum1 here my story and help me COPE :)

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