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Ugh! Why do people do this?

Mar 19, 2010 - 2 comments

First, the adoption event planned for tomorrow was cancelled due to weather forecast for snow. I was disappointed, as I always am when it takes me days to get used to the idea of something only to have it not happen, but turns we're having like a blizzard here, so...good call!
While I was at the shelter cleaning the Lhasa Apsos crates (dogs I work with to help socialize), I noticed that the pads were the very same baby blankets I put in on Wednesday. I remember specifically because they had been new and I thought they were cute & gave Corky the blue one & Mindy the pink. It looked as though, instead of cleaning the crate & puttting in a new pad on Thursday, someone had simply flipped the blankets over, cuz there was poo smooshed & stuck underneath & they were saturated. I go 3 times a week. So I asked the person I'm most comfortable with if they needed help on Saturday & mentioned finding the same blankets. She called out to the person who is there on Sat's to ask her & then went & mentioned that I was worried the crates hadn't been cleaned. So now I have to worry about this other person thinking I'm going around saying she isn't doing her job or whatever.

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675347 tn?1365464245
by ginger899, Mar 26, 2010
I'd have done the same though. Poor dogs. They need a fair deal. Being in Shelter is bad enough. You did the right thing no matter what anyone thinks! Maybe that won't happen again now. That's what counts.

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by PenelopeAnn, Mar 26, 2010
Good news, no real awkwardness resulted in reality. Still a little in my head, but I'm pretty sure we're all cool in reality. I'm always having to look *through* social anxiety like a heavy drape just to see reality. *****.

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