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I am back

Mar 20, 2010 - 9 comments












Life is not just a series of crisis to struggle thru each day but a series of experience that God allows to happen to strengthen my character and help me to understand and help others that may be gong thru similar struggles.  I may not always feel thankful for these struggles but try to feel some peace and acceptance.  I try to maintain my contact with  God thru prayer and Bible studies. I lean on other Christian friends and just hope I can maintain enough positiveness that others will see Christ in me.

Just a little bit of history of what i have been thru these last 6 months. I fell and broke my right hand which limited my computer use.  I found out that my spinal virus is now attacking my left leg.  This disease causes neuropathy, weakness of leg and can leave damaged nerves affecting my ability to walk.  My 5 yo great  nephew was killed by a hit and run vehicle.  Consequently my niece (his mother went off the deep end and tried to commit suicide.  She did not succeed. My brother has been critically ill almost dying.  My cousin and my uncle both passed away in the same week.  My niece is pregnant and is having complications.  Needless to say my pray life has exceeded boundaries I never thought I would reach.  I do have my down days but overall am doing really well everything considering.  Please pray  for my family if you feel so enclined.  I will try to maintain my connection with med help and reestablish my friends.

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by April2, Mar 20, 2010
I'm so sorry to hear about all the hard times you and your family have been going through. I'm glad you are able to lean on your faith through all of this. I don't know what I'd do without my faith. I probably wouldn't have made it this far!

I'm glad you're back, though, Stubby. Take care of yourself. Hope to talk to you soon. God bless.

458072 tn?1291415186
by peggy64, Mar 20, 2010
Stubby, you don't realize what a witness for the Lord you are in these words. To go through all that you have, and be able to stand I say, I lean on Him, is powerful. POWERFUL. He will continue to use you, as you allow Him to pour His grace into your life.

You will be in my prayers, and thank you for sharing your testimony with us.

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by Dazon50, Mar 20, 2010
Stubby:  Ditto with what April and Peggy wrote to you.  Thank you for sharing.  By leaning on the LORD through these hard times, you are a witness to more than you realize.  You are in our prayers.


199177 tn?1490498534
by avisg, Mar 20, 2010
very happy to
see your back :)
xxoooxxx A

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by jollyman069, Mar 20, 2010 the book of Isaiah states..."No weapon formed against me shall prosper" have ahd the weapons formed against you, and I am sure it has been ever so hard, but with your faith in Jesus, they shall not prosper...Praise God...will keep you and your family in my prayers and will plead the Blood of Jesus over ya'll...God Bless....brian

547368 tn?1440541785
by Tuckamore, Mar 20, 2010
Hi Brain,

You are and always will be my friend. You need not feel that you have to reestablish our friendship....that said I am extremely sorry to hear about the tremendous trials and tribulations you have had to endure. My heart goes out to you.

I don't beleive that God "causes" any bad things to happen to anyone. I think it is a part of life on this earth. And as you know God never promised us that life would be easy but He did promise us that He would never forsake us. I need not tell you that He is at your side every second.

I hope that you will heal quickly and that your faith will remain strong and continue to be a source of comfort for you.

I am very glad that you have returned. You have been missed. You are a great testimony to the strength that God provides to His flock. You have remained in my prayers.

Gentle (((HUGS))) and...
God Bless,

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by stubby226, Mar 20, 2010
thank you everyone for your positive comments.  Today has been a good day, sunshine, beautiful sunrises, good mobility today.

547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Mar 21, 2010
Sooooo Happy your Back =0) You were truly missed Big Time <3 jimi <3

363281 tn?1590104173
by SassyLassie, Mar 21, 2010
Big hugs to you my friend. You have been through a lot, and it looks like your faith in our Lord has not wavered, that is a powerful testimony for all.

Many hugs

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