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Jul 16, 2008 - 5 comments

I just wanted to let everyone know I miss you guys a bunch.  As most of you know i have been going through an awful lot with my daughter and her addiction.  Thankfully she has come to us and admitted she has a severe addiction to oxycontin and has been shooting the drug in her viens..(like we didnt know).  She has asked for help and I am trying to support her and get her the helpshe needs.  I took her to the Dr. yesterday and he prescribed suboxone for her, which she will start on Friday.  She located an NA meeting and we are going to attend that tonight.  I have never been to a meeting so I am excited about it.  This is the first time she has ever admitted she had a problem or thought she needed help.  Please keep her in your prayers.

On top of everything else going on I am getting ready to have my next surgery on the otherside of my jaw...I am nervous about the pills, but hubby will hang on to them and keep me in line, I am sure.

Well, last but not least, my hubbys mom who is 84, had a massive stroke on Sunday and is not doing good.  We are running to the hospital everyday to check on keep her in your prayers too.  

As you can see life is busy for me right now, but I am doing really good...and I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH.


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by joann1975, Jul 16, 2008
We miss you too....I noticed you had been gone alot. I will keep you all in my prayers. I am so excited about your daughter!

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by mimi1313, Jul 16, 2008

You have been going through so much. Your daughter is so lucky to have you. If she has half of your strength, she will be fine. I think that's great that you are going with her to meetings. She needs that unconditional but firm hand that you are so good at(:

I hope your surgery goes well. I know how painful that can be but luckily you have a husband to lean on.

I'm so sorry about your mother in law, I'll keep her in my prayers.

You're really good at taking care of everyone else so make sure you take care of you! You deserve it.

I'm here if you need anything,


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by cathy5841, Jul 16, 2008
JoAnn, you are such a sweetheart.  Thanks for always caring.

Missy,  you are always here with a kind word and encouragement just when i need it.  dont know where i would be without you.

thanks to you both.

love ya'll

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by scaredmom330, Jul 18, 2008
thank god she finally ask for help..I pray for the day my son does. Take care, you are in my thoughts and prayers. remember God is with you all the way!

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by SFgirll853, Jul 31, 2008

Hang in there strong one!  You have been such an inspiration to me and your nonjudgmental yet strong conviction are truly amazing.  I will be keeping positive thoughts for you and your daughter.

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