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jew rant

Oct 23, 2015 - 0 comments

why do i say bad things about Jews even though I'M Jewish?

because they freakin SOCK!!!!!  and they're a bunch of biches!!!!!  (except me)


oh my freakin god

not to take Moses name in vain


i am done with J skules.



done done done!!!!

i mean it's not like ...

...i brave a hellish commute to get there every day
...there's no place to put your car once you do make it there share a classroom with a BICH who won't let you in the room until one minute before you start teaching and all the afternoon teachers are forced to work in the break room for 30 minutes where there aren't enough chairs or tables and people stab each other for a spot and then blame it on the Palestinians

it's not like the VP took me out of a perfectly fine fukked up job that was full time and close to home

it's not like i had to buy clothes for this job and i still need new slips and tights b/c i am so freakin fat

it's not like the VP straight up LIED to me and said it was the "dream class" when in reality it's the class from hell

it's not like the VP straight up LIED to me and said I could teach this class blindfolded and i wish i WAS blind so i didn't have to see that there is so much work to be done with this group of wild animals that it would take me until the fukking resurrection to make any progress at ALL!

oh wait. wrong religion

it's not like the Orthodox Jews are freakin BACKWARDS and the women walk behind the men and they all wear funny fukked up clothes

it's not like the planet has heated up by 50 degrees WARMER in every state in the U.S. and they make the women in this stupid religion dress up like fukking mummies

it's not like the only more BACKWARDS culture in the world is Saudi Arabia which practically still binds its women's feet and that everyone KNOWS that the Saudis are freakin crazy and in the dark ages






ALLS I freakin AX man is stay out my fukkin room and let me do my spit!


she caint

she caint

well fukk her, then (the principal).

obviously, despite what the VP says, it is not that important to her to keep me


ok.  rant over

I have a innerview with my old ESL boss Wednesday at 9 a.m.


Lit is text pestering me

Raul is text pestering me ("i want to see you" ---yes!  i know its cray cray)

and the ac won't come over (thank God)

all i want in life is the time to write my book and to be thin

that's it.

the ironic thing is, Lit and Raul and the ac don't seem to notice how fat i am.  as usual, IM the only one who cares!

but i do care

and im still feeling too bronkish to even work out

i emailed the doctor.  he said i have to go in.  my insurance is over Oct 31.

i don't want to go in.

so stop complaining Meegy





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