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First Entry....

Mar 21, 2010 - 0 comments

Dear Journal,

This is my first entry and I will try to type an entry until this summer. My dilemma started about 3 weeks ago. My girlfriend of two years accompanied her friend who just so happens to be the founder of a youth organization. On there way to a Gay Expo in New York City, she decided to reach into his make up kit. She received a paper cut when the tip of her finger slightly brushed against her friends' razor blade. It is a sure fact that he is H.I.V positive and their visit to the Gay Expo was also his chance to explain his will & testament if he should pass away.

Two days later I would visit my girlfriend for the first time since the incident and she would ask me:

" Dennis, can you get HIV if you get cut with someone's razor blade?"

" Yes" I replied, annoyed because I had a feeling she didn't ask just for education purposes.

We would talk about how our weekend went until she revealed that she cut herself with her friend's blade. I was furious that she would do something so stupid.

That was all on Feb 28th

Today three weeks have pass since that faithful day and I'm growing more concern as the time goes on. Not only do I fear for her life, I fear for mine as well. During the time that she had cut herself, we had perform two sexual acts. None that were vaginal intercourse, it was fingering and insertion oral. I've discovered via searching the internet that it is possible to be infected by someone else if you received oral or finger them.  I hear the chances are so low, that there is no real risk but I don't take any chances when it comes to STD. Of course my lack of education has made my judgment poor. I feel like an idiot. Did I just inadvertently ruined my life? or has paranoia gotten the best of me?

My girlfriend took a Rapid HIV Antibody test( Oral Fluid) on a AIDS awareness yesterday in New York City. It came out negative, but that is no surprise. Even though some of the doctors on this  site and others claim that it takes as little as 5 weeks, I'd feel a lot better if I waited three months.   Sometimes I don't know  what site to trust anymore. Medhelp, Webmd, and the CDC site have all sorts of different information and opinions. The CDC site suggest that I should wait 6 months to get tested, while the other two said that 3 months is fine enough. Regardless I feel I typed enough for today. It's Sunday and it's beautiful outside here in Jersey.


I have a small cold

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