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baby number 3?

Oct 24, 2015 - 7 comments

So originally Dh and I wanted 2 kids, we got a healthy boy& girl, thinking we were complete. Lately I have thought way too much about a 3rd baby to go through with a tubal, but not quite ready to jump in to a 3rd soon. Dh is on board if I am with one more baby but I'm also really thinking is this just baby fever, chloe getting bigger, dameon in 1st grade, etc. I do NOT want a baby just because of baby fever, I can't keep having babies simply because I miss having one around, lol! But I can't sort through my feelings enough to figure out if I genuinley want one more or just miss a baby. I'm waiting a while until chloes more independent and probably in school to make a final decision, any thoughts on how to work through this??

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by LovemyKids86, Oct 24, 2015
I wish I had more advice to you, I have thought long and hard about baby #3 and always knew I wanted more than 2 kids. I don't know how I would feel if I had one of each already so mine stems more from the fact that I want to try for a boy. What I can tell you is sit on the idea for a little bit and if the feeling goes away then you know it's just baby fever. Definitely make sure you are 100% sure.

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by Belle313, Oct 24, 2015
I want to wish you the best in whatever you and DH choose to do as far as completing your family. I think that it's an instinct (that's not exactly the word I'm looking for) as to how many children makes you feel complete. Personally, I know at my age, I'm done after J2. I wouldn't be able to space out a third at a time where M would be much more independent & I don't  see being able to start over with a newborn after several years. I always wanted three kids before we were diagnosed with IF issues. I know the answer will come to you in time. You would be a wonderful mom of three. I am positive of that!!

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by KTowne, Oct 25, 2015
Thanks ladies! I always anted 3-4 kids and then after Chloe and being sooo busy with these two, I'm wondering if a 3rd is too much on my plate. It wouldn't be til Chloe was in school. I think time will tell, if I space the 3rd one out farther than I did Dameon and Chloe I think I won't be as overwhelmed as I was going from 1 to 2. I keep coming back to really wanting 1 more and feeling "complete" with 1 more but I don't want to overload myself because that's not fair to anyone, especially my kids! Hopefully time will make it more clear!

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by LovemyKids86, Oct 25, 2015
I'm planning to actually have my 3rd before my life gets super busy! I have 2 years till I get into pharmacy school and by then all my time will be consumed, I thought about waiting till after for a 3rd but I will be 35 years old, Shoshana will be 13 and Aliyah will be 9 and I feel like at that time I wouldn't want another because of the space between and then regret not doing when I had the chance to.

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by KTowne, Oct 26, 2015
Well we talked and right now we're going to go for baby number 3 when chloe's in school full days!

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by Sheaby, Oct 26, 2015
We have had this same discussion about #2.  We are still very much on the fence about it, and we wouldn't even entertain the idea until 2017!!  I keep flip-flopping on whether I'm ok with K being an only or not.  You're right though, time will tell!

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by pb95, Oct 27, 2015
Good thing not to put it off too long if you want it ladies.  I did and it became too late/too much of a struggle.  Some days I wonder how bad it would have been just to let it happen!  Good luck with your decisions.  Not an easy one!

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