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Oct 24, 2015 - 1 comments

omg hi


i'm home!  quit my job!

yes, i do admit i get off on quitting jobs!!!  LOL.  its a great FUKK YOU feeling!  yesssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it's really a terrific high ... i felt SO AMAZING on the way there, driving to return all the books and keys ...

but, like every high, you have to come down ...

wow i just ...

i was trying to stave it off until Wednesday when I meet with my old boss of the ESL skule.  then i would have more leverage.  but ill just try and play it off or just ask her for what i want regardless.

i was even thinking of making her sign a contract.  ha ha ha!  yes!  HER!  the employer!  i have been tossing around the idea for a while as teaching sort of as an indie contractor.  can you do that?  i mean why not?  it's america?  do i have to register a fictitious bidnis name or something?

it was amazing the amount of spit (not to mention the students' work) that i had already accumulated in my apartment.  but i took all that spit in a box and put it in my car, and took my clicker and card key to get into the garage.

then i drove down there.  i had sent my address to both the Veep and the Principal last night but neither of them said anything of it (so they can mail me my last check ... i hope.  i need it but tbh i dont care if they dont.  maybe i can sue them if they dont!)

shocking not, i guess, the school was being used by the yeshivabouchers (thats what my moms always calls them) for some Shabbat celebration.  there were tons of YOUNG hasidic jews in full outfit with their obnoxious kids and wives (who wore shorter skirts i noticed, than i thought was "shneesy") ... i had worn cut offs and my lavender tee with my low top Converse on purpose.  they stared.  i looked right back at them.  

but there was no one i knew.  i left the stuff in the classroom and i had to use the key to get back down the elevator to the garage so i put it in an old school desk in the garage after i got downstairs.

when i got home i emailed the Veep and the Principal a short note ... i thanked them for giving me the gift of purpose, direction and freedom.  i said that it had been a pleasure working at their skule (a slight fib .. .i hope moses doesnt come to get me) and i wished them all the best.

i mean!

i am so TICK and SIRED of splainin myself!



i talked to those biches face to face!

i mean, what was in it for me?

what was the GOOD part of that job?

-it was far and the commute was hellish at best
-the clothing socked and made my underwear soaked (for the wrong reasons!) by the time i got to work b/c it was so hot and i sweated so bad
-the parents socked
-the kids socked
-the skule was totally disorganized
-the pay socked
-the job was super hard
-it took so much out of me
-with the commute it turned into a 40 hour plus a week job
-the principal gleefully informed me that she was in EVERY classroom every day!

you know mh i don't ax for much   ... she low balled me on the salary and i LET IT GO (i shouldnt have but it wouldnt have helped ... nothing was worth that job)

and ALLS i ax for was for her to get her fat azz out of my room!!!
sorry.  not to be mean

so now ... she and the VEEP have such a hardon to get into that classroom ITS ALL THEIRS!!!!!!!!  go for it, biches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the principal imeed began blowing up my fone.  i have not answered or listened to the messages.
when i talked to her yesterday in her office she said i was probably her most qualified teacher.  THATS how she pays and treats her most qualified teacher!  the ONLY one with a credential and a Masters?  FUKK YOU lady!


in my resignation email i said that i had strong beliefs, and some of those beliefs included integrity, showing appreciation for the people in our lives while we could, and actions.  i said some other quals too.  i said that in my opinion we are here for such a short time that it is incumbent upon each of us to do our very best.  i mean ...  yes, i could be more assertive but i have to stick up for me here ... i was lied to about the job and the school.  I wasn't told even half the story.  i was low balled on the salary ... my decision to take the job WAS hasty and i take reponny for that ... but i maintain that if they had told me the TRUTH about the job it might have affected my deciz to take it!  which is why they didn't ... but they don't know me.  well, the VEEP does.  actually she tried to tell the principal i was serious about what i said but apparently she did not succeed

i am aching and burning over Raul's begging to see me.  he is not married but medhelp my allegiance is now to cooch bearers.  as much as i love men and as much as i omg so dig Raul ... he's 17!!!! im 46!  and i LOVE Ivenna!  it's wrong, right?


i SO want to.

really do

ok ill be backski



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by Belle313, Oct 25, 2015
WTG standing up for yourself & taking control.
It sounds like the commute & those people were not going to get any better (no matter what).
You know what they door closes and another one opens.  
I hope the next gig is a perfect fit!!

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