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raul & me

Oct 25, 2015 - 2 comments

so don't play with me, cuz you're playing with fire

it wasn't MY idea that Raul "shoot by" my house and visit me

it wasn't MY email that said "I really miss you, Miss.  when can i see you?"

and it wasn't MY fault that we wrote 30 emails back and forth today

it was my fault, however, that I considered actually doing it.

but it did not happen.


did i tell you how much i LOVE Ivenna?

how the day before my last day she spent TWO HOURS with me, both of us crouching over a computer in Muriel's hub's classroom, looking at avatars of anime for her Halloween costume?  because she knew i was leaving before everyone else (Isolde told her) and she wanted to spend Q. time with me?


i would never do that to Ivenna.

neither would Raul, it turns out.

He's seventeen!

Daim!  leave me alone.  He's the best looking kid in the skule.  Ok, one of them.  i mean, they're all cute but --



NO i did not almost break down Lit's door so I could soothe my injured ego!

or my --

never mind.

I made dinner.  A tortilla with a little bit of each of chicken, beans and corn ... and tomatoes.  it was good.  and lemon.  b/c i have a slight mig and i don't eat salsa when i have it

I went to the Cactus Gardens.  maybe ill post a pic but its prolly similar to the others.

i'm not going to work tomorrow.  b/c i have no job.  one of the less obnoxious parents Whatsapped me asking for math homework for her daughter b/c she is going to have a tutor and they need some work.

I am lonely, and tired.

When i got back to my car after walking from the cactus gardens to the parking lot, i had  a huge coughing attack.  which is weird cuz it has somewhat abated.  i'm out of my inhaler.  i am going to go to the doctor or at least make a appointment tomorrow morning

but.  the thing is they were doing construction around the gardens.  but the whole time i was IN the gardens, i was ok

well i coughed all the way home (this little meegy)

and then i ran to my apartment, slathered baby vix on my chest, made a cup of tea with lemon and downed it and put on the vaporizer or whatever it is and breathed in some steam from the tea

and i feel betters

i also sukked two more puffs out of my inhaler.

so ya

i want the a/c

ima go to bed soon.  i know it's 7 p.m.

i feel ok i guess

oh yeah i forgot to tell you:  if it turns out i have cancer (though i had a lung xray and it was negative)  I AM going to fukk Raul

i mean.  if i'm gonna die Ivenna won't care if I freak her man (once, ok?)



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5986700 tn?1380791380
by spider6, Oct 26, 2015
Hey baby....oooohhhhhh la la.....well, know an alternate universe you and Raul are freakin your brains out as I write......I feel your pain.......,I have similar story.......Le sigh.  You do need to get your freak on though...with too..haven't had sex since fukkin Easter !!!  Ya.....eeeee.   Errrrrrr.   Eeeeeeee.   Errrrrrrr. I'm rusting up.

Love you honey....xxxxxoooooo

1742220 tn?1331356727
by meegWpaw, Oct 26, 2015
yes true Spider ... freakin our BRAINS out!!!!!!  he's getting such good BRAINS from--

ok going too far


tell me tell me!  she cried  there's always pms mama

rusty ... er, yes



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