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very high blood pressure

Mar 22, 2010 - 1 comments

I am having very high blood pressure today,headache.difficulty doctor called some medication to take

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by smartie_90, Jul 01, 2010
hi....i totally understand you....if you take a look in my bp tracker you ll see that i have hypertension my bp is almost always above 150/110...i wasnt treated for hyperension though but i am checked every month since i was 18 by a cardiologist....every time i feel this annoying chest discomfort and shortness of breath and my heart beats like it gonna only 20 and from my recent blood tests results i was found with very high levels of cholesterol like i was 65 my doctor also ordered a plaque test and i was found with about 13%stenosis in my arteries at such an early age...she urged me to lose weight with a diet especially for heart patients although i dont have a serious problem now if i dont pay attention to the amount of salt in my diet.the amount of fat i consume and  dont quit smoking in the very near future i will have to deal with serious heart problems...I do my best for a healthier life but im really disapointed because in my last visit about 10 days ago she told me that my heart is already ``tired`` and cant work properly and thats why now i started felling more severe the next 3 to 5 years if i dont change my lifestyle its almost sure tha my arteries would be 100%blocked by plaque and a heart attack would be unavoidable at only tha age of 25...she really scared  me so now i pay attention to everything i need to change....i think you should have an expert specialised in each issue you are dealing with and knows well your situation and not only in the ERs...thanks for your time for reading this and if you want to talk  im here...


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