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great news on my homeschooling!

Jul 16, 2008 - 9 comments

I just joined a homeschooling group in my area, its basically the only one I could find because we live in a VERY small community, and the group meets two towns over every first Friday of the month. Its mostly a support and discussion group for moms to talk about different curriculums, give tips, field trips, etc. While we are there the children are benefiting also, they have a dance instructor to teach dance to them, and art class, and a nursery for the babies. At the end of the year the children put on a recital learned from the dance class, im so exited! The lady who started it says she took her cues from the group MOPS which we used to go to monthly also. so its kinda set up that way, with the children off to their class rooms and the mothers starting with a snack and having an assigned topic for that meeting. I have already checked in with the school there and I need to pick up a packet from the administrative office so that I can begin home schooling! I also have a friend through the church I used to attend that has homeschooled her twin girls from kindergarten up and they are doing extremely well. I am going to ask her a few things so I have a very good support system and all the advice and pointers I need to start off. I feel this is going to be very good for my family and I am very exited about it!

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by Kande, Jul 16, 2008
Good for you!! I believe in this too. There is no other better investment than your children!! You are a wonderful mother!! :o) Good luck to you!!

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by luv2bmommy, Jul 16, 2008
thank you!!! I am happy about my decision!

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by luv2bmommy, Jul 17, 2008
I just wanted to share with those of you who are just starting out in Homeschooling as I am, a few websites and peices of information I have come across from research of mine and through a friend:
this one offers to send you a book for starting out, free. lots of good information, lists all states and laws of each state regarding home schooling.
well this one is just for TX but still very informative
also helpful, a bit controversial! but I really like it!

also I was told by a my friend who is a vet of homeschooling that these curriculums have been used by her and are very good ones:

Bob Jones


i will do more research on these but have not had time yet.

and I have also found that in the state of Texas, for children during their first year of schooling the subjects of math, reading, spelling, grammar, and good citizenship are required. I cant imagine it would be much different for many other states, although 2/3 of the states have applied specific regulations for homeschooling families to abide by.

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by luv2bmommy, Jul 17, 2008

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by katebud, Jul 17, 2008
I know we don't really know eachother, but I am SO EXCITED for you!   HOmeschooling children is one of the best things you can do for your child, especially with all the discipline issues in formal schools today (private or public).  Good for you!  :)  Your child will be able to just concentrate on learning w/o too much extra drama to distract them!

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by luv2bmommy, Jul 17, 2008
katebud: thank you! I am really exited about it and I am glad that so many people are behind me with positive feedback, I told my sister yesterday and she thought I was crazy lol. But I know what I am doing, and I know my child. I am positive I can accomplish this and more and I am glad that I have the opportunity to do it!

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by AHP84, Jul 17, 2008
I used the Bob Jones curriculum when I homeschooled. It's a very good curriculum. In math when I reached grade 7, I used the Saxon curriculum, which I actually prefer over the Bob Jones math. But Bob Jones for everything else I'd highly recommend.

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by Kande, Jul 25, 2008

I just wanted to tell you I have several friends that use the, Abeka books and their children have done very well. I have seen the books and I was very impressed with them. I understand they are expensive though. I would make the investment anyway. I guess the Abeka books are made in Florida. My friend has to order them and she said it can take awhile to get them. I thought you might like to know. The group of ladies I know exchange books with other home school mothers to keep the cost down. I thought that was a great idea!! :o)

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by luv2bmommy, Jul 25, 2008
kande- thank you! the exchange is something that didnt even cross my mind, what a good idea?

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