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Three months!!!

Mar 22, 2010 - 2 comments








The last three months has definitely been the worse for me. I contracted Chlamydia, genital HSV1 and HPV. I have tested negative for HIV at 10 weeks and will do my 13week this Thursday or Friday.  I took the medication for the Chlamydia, I have not had another HSV outbreak since and I am scheduled to do my colposcopy tomorrow. God knows I barely have the money to go because I lost my job due to my lack of performance. Depression really got to me. I had an Ascus Pap smear and I am really hoping my HPV clears it self because I cant take any more of this. I have been through enough and sure as hell learnt my lesson.

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1163575 tn?1339478617
by kumar007, Mar 22, 2010
people who test negative at 10 weeks..VERY RARELY go on to test positive later
i am pretty sure you are in the clear..

1184445 tn?1271982816
by Vaughany, Mar 22, 2010
Good luck once again.  Let us know how you get on.

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