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Jul 16, 2008 - 3 comments

i once went to a hospital and stole some xylocaine ( local anesthetic ) and grabbed a friend and said lets skull half a bottle of tequila , so we did i then said lets inject the xylocaine , so we did, he dropped like instantly, i kept drinking for the next twenty four hours while comming up and keep checking that he was breathing.

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by NautyOne, Jul 16, 2008
All I can say is..........Oh, my God...........that is insane.........Nauty.........I would hope you would never do something like that again.......if so, you need help.......good lord !

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by cutieputootie, Jul 16, 2008
Sweety you are playing with fire......your 34 you have to be more responsible.  Next time you or your friend may not wake up.  

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by genix, Jul 17, 2008
lol oh this is along time ago im passive as now, im getting high distinctions at uni and about to start a thesis under a doctor. Im just writing my life down as i remember it as i would like to compile a book of my life.

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