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Mar 22, 2010 - 3 comments

Went to Dr. today and i have not gained and weight. I am very concerned at 12w6d. Baby's heartbeat is strong should I be Worried??? First time Mom.

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by rbohl01, Mar 22, 2010
Did you have much morning sickness? I don't think I gained weight until about 13 weeks with my first.

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by applesweet316, Mar 22, 2010
i wouldnt worry. Now adays with the medical field. if the doctor isnt worried then you shouldnt be. You might be one of the lucy moms that gain the right amount of a healthy baby. Hell i gained 125lbs... and my daughter was healthy. lol i know alot in 9mons. You still have aways to go. Id make sure you eat enough. like the old saying your now eating for 2. if u work out alot that will also effect your weight. if u are then just do walking and house clean and light yard work. you dont wanna over do it cuase u want to make sure that ur baby is getting most of the intake of ur food and just burning it off. dont be scared of gaining to much u can lose it trust me. Good luck.  

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by JohnsonMOM, Mar 29, 2010
thanks for the input. Needed that. Went to the dr today he said babys heartbeat sounds like a boy. I sure hope so. Heartbeat not that fast but strong. Thank you for support.

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