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Mar 24, 2010 - 0 comments

Well today I am 8dpfet......I am slowly going crazy, nothing new there, last time I had such a wonderful peaceful feeling about me, this time, uh no!!  I was hoping I could relax here with my hubby, but the days are still sooooo long, i bought a digital pregnancy test here in Germany, that actually tells you a range of how pregnant you are (in german of course), and I thought that was pretty cool, I hope I get a BIG FAT PREGNANT, I am on pins and needles, my left boob hurts a little underneath, nipples have some white colouration in them, besides that same old same old. Also ,I was wondering since I am on Femenex (estrogen) 3 times a day, and God forbid I am not pregnant, will my AF start anyway? I cannot remember, anyway, you will all here from me on Friday, i will be getting up at 6.30 as I did the last time, and pray to Lord Allmighty that the little german prego test says Prego in German, I dont care what language it is in as long as it means pregnant!!

Louise xox

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