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I finally sat down and typed up my last MRI report, had to type because I have no scanner, and am amazed how everything on the MRI could be boiled down to "minor arthritic changes. Check this out:

Findings: straightening and reversal of the cervical lordosis.

C2-C3: Posterior disk bulging along with marginal osteophytes somewhat asymmetric to the right.This results in moderate spinal canal compromise and mild right neural foraminal encroachment.

C3-C4: Shallow central disc protrusion. Mild spinal canal compromise is present without significant encroachment identified.

C4-C5: Disk bulging is present along with marginal osteophytes. Moderate spinal canal compromise is felt to be present along with mild bilateral neural foraminal encroachment.

C5-C6: Posterior disk bulging and marginal osteophytes asymmetric to the left with degenerative changes in the joins of Luschka. There is felt to be moderate spinal canal stenosis and moderate left neural foraminal encroachment.

C6-C7: Posterior disk bulging and marginal osteophytes with asymmetric degenerative changes in the left joint of Luschka. There is moderate spinal canal compromise and moderately severe left neural foraminal encroachment.

Craniocervical junction is unremarkable.


Now, how many vertebrae are in our necks? This makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.

It also makes me think that physical therapy might have been the wrong place for Kaiser to start treating me, years ago, BEFORE they took the time to do the first MRI or xray. I've been in pain since 1986, they did the first medical imagery of my neck get his...2006. I went through physical therapy 5 times before someone decided to take a closer look.

Would this make you a little nervous?


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