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Second Life NERD! lmao

Mar 24, 2010 - 0 comments

Well i had planned on writing in this Journal every day but it seems ive been getting side tracked a little.
Yest. i seen my therapist. Which is always a good thing. Although, i hate driving anymore so when i went in there i was already having a panic attack. It did ease a little after talking to her for a while.
Here lately I've been having the dizziness and numb feelings. And my head and necks been slightly tight. Which all of these things are horrible and annoying.
I've also found out the difference in GAD and Panic Disorders. I thought they were the same exact thing just different ways of putting it. But there is a difference. Which makes me feel better because its always nice to know what exactly is going on in your body.
So the other night i did exercise. Then showered up and went to the Flea Market with my mamaw, brother and Jessica. It was fun..but i was exhausted! No sleep and walking around for a few good hours after exercizing...did i say no sleep?! haha.  I ended up buying some nice and VERY cheap shirts from there and a game that was really cheap too.
Anyways... I have found one thing online thats helped me cope (besides this site of course)... its a thing called Second Life. You can go shopping, get a job(s), go to clubs, lounges, beaches, etc... Its deff complicated at first but extremely addicting. But it eases my mind. So if anyone is actually reading this who would like to try this thing out too, its free! and can find it at   All you have to do is make up a first name, or use your own name like i did, confirm the email, download the game and play! its really fun you guys. Its helping me. So if u do try it out let me know and i will find you and we could be friends on SL as well as here. Whats it going to hurt right?
Okay so i know im a nerd. I am not big on games and what not. Except this one. Which really isnt a game..i wouldnt know what you would call it.
Hope all is well with everyone. :)

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