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Haven't Journaled in a couple of days

Mar 25, 2010 - 0 comments

I haven't journaled because I have been so busy.  I can't believe how busy we were yesterday at the station.  I also went to the gym yesterday and worked out for about an hour or more.  I have been working on my book (30 Days to Change your Life). I missed two days, but I am going to work on Day 8 today.  I am not going to beat myself up for not doing it or updating my journal because I think it is important to remember that sometimes life throws us curves and we just have to go with it.  I knew that I would catch up as soon as I got a breather.
I feel a whole lot better about somethings, especially my thoughts.  I learned day before yesterday that I "lie" to myself.  Assume a lot things.  Example:  I was in a horrible mood the other day because I thought a co-worker had betrayed me by talking negative about me behind my back. When I asked myself "Is that really true or am I making it up?"  I couldn't find any evidence to support my thoughts about it.  So I started applying that theory to all my initial thoughts (which are the catalyst for my reactions I discovered).  If I just ask that question to every negative thought that I have, it seems to take the "whomp" out of them.  I don't react!  I think that is a HUGE step for me.  In fact, in the last two days I have been rather peaceful inside!  Now don't get me wrong, I still have those negative thoughts pop up all the time, I just ask that question immediately!  I can't believe how well this works!  I look back in my past and see where my thoughts actually lied to me so many times and how I believed them without question.  I wonder if I had employed this theory at a younger age how different my life would have been!   I wonder if everyone employed this theory how different the world would be.  
I am looking forward to this day.  I signed up for a fitness trainer yesterday, I am start on Monday.  He manages the gym where we go work out on shift.  (PT is mandatory in the fire department)  I also contacted a nutritionist and hopefully will schedule an appointment with her soon.  
I have had many times over the last two days to also use the plan I developed for not overscheduling myself and being honest about what I did and can do!  I must say that it has been a success.  It is really, no doubt, a self-esteem booster!  I like it very much. (see march 21st journal entry).
I am glad I am me!

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