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Teething early

Mar 25, 2010 - 0 comments



early teething

I'm almost certain my little guy is teething early--he will be two months old tomorrow. He is showing quite a few signs of teething, anyway. Whether or not he'll actually cut a tooth anytime soon is the question, but you can definitely see white under his gums, and the gum tissue over top the white looks a little inflamed in places.
I put my finger in his mouth last night (after washing my hands, of course) to feel his gums, and they definitely feel "lumpier" around the canine area, both top and bottom, and top front teeth area.
He's been drooling like a water pipe broke in his mouth somewhere, and blows spit bubbles a lot lately. His nose has been a little runny. His poor little chin and cheeks have gotten so chapped, even with me keeping lotion on his face.
Over the past couple of days especially, his appetite has decreased.
He's been chewing on his fist, sucking and chewing on his thumbs and fingers, and rubbing his face with his mouth open into my shoulder.
He can't seem to make up his mind what he wants, or how he wants it. He wants to be held, he wants to be put down, he wants to be sitting up, no--laying down. He wants his, the wait, make that the breast--aahhh, never mind, he wants the paci after all. No...actually, the fist tastes better.
I feel so sorry for him! He's had mood swings like crazy the past couple of days. Normally, he is very content and hardly fusses, and he smiles and coos when you talk to him. He's usually happy and content in any situation; it takes a lot to get him upset. But this last week, he will be his happy little self for an hour or so, and then out of nowhere, he turns irritable and fussy and *nothing* can please him. The closest thing to consoling him I can do is try to nurse him, and even then, he's not really eating as much as he is chewing on me (and for having no teeth yet...that is still not pleasant).
The good thing is that he has no fever, no diarrhea, and no other sign of sickness. He's just acting miserable. I was holding him yesterday after trying to nurse him for a little while and he was lying in my arms, paci in mouth, and the look in his eyes told me everything. I almost cried. It was like he wanted to tell me, "I hurt. My mouth hurts, Mommy. Please make it stop hurting."
I got him some Orajel yesterday after that, and gave him his first dose of baby Tylenol. That seemed to help for a couple of hours.
He goes to the pediatrician on Monday for his two month physical and his first set of shots (poor little guy--life is just not so great right now!), and I'll ask about it then, just to make sure I'm not imagining things.

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