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Nov 08, 2015 - 0 comments

I am 19 years old I was diagnosed with acid reflux when I was about 17 years old every since I started having anxiety attacks I've been having chest pains headaches all anxiety symptoms I've been to a heart specialist they told me my heart was good but I've still been having chest pains I've been going back and fourth to the hospital at 3 times a month they always does ekg it shows my heart is good now i started to have pain in my left arm along with chest is pains my burb will sometimes get stuck and all my stomach does is make noise this is a everyday thing I really don't know else to do everyday I think I'm having a heart attack because of my chest and arm pains I've been back to the Er I was told costochondritis in my chest along with acid reflux and anxiety the pain remains down in the middle of my chest and I'm my left breast I was wondering should I see a gastroenterologist Doctor is that best

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