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Life after 2nd Ectopic-Is this normal??

Mar 27, 2010 - 0 comments



is this normal?



It has been 5 weeks since my 2nd Ectopic and loss of my right tube. During the surgery, the surgeon also found my remaining left tube scarred and stuck to my ovary. In New Zealand, the government pays for the first two rounds of IVF so my doctor has already started making me appointments for 5 months time.

People have been excellent, friends, family, Doctors etc. What I'm finding is that I feel really numb after the operation. After my 1st Ectopic pregnancy, I was sore and upset. I cried all the time and was in a hurry to start TTC again. This time round, I'm not sad, I haven't cried and I seem to have lost enthusiasm for EVERYTHING. I certainly don't feel depressed, just flat and numb and mind-numbingly BORED all the time!

I struggle to get to sleep most nights and often dream about babies. I'm supposed to be taking Folic acid for when I TTC again which I've been told shouldn't be till 2 cycles have passed. I'm still holding on to the the hope that maybe I can conceive naturally. Wish me luck!

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