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aching legs

Jul 18, 2008 - 3 comments

aching legs

This morning i woke up and my legs felt like they'd been run over by a steam roller!!! They were really aching and it was painful to straighten them out. When i got out of bed, they felt really weak,it took a while ease! Also,i woke up last night because my daughter had woken and my right arm was completely dead, i couldn't even lift it,i had to use my other arm to lift it. It was bizarre about my legs,because i hadn't done any exercise or been on a walk, so there was no logical reason whythey should be hurting so much.

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by Sunnytoday, Jul 18, 2008
Hi there! I do hope that you get those MRI's and results soon. This can be a sign of MS, and I'm only saying that becuase I've noticed many MS'ers mention it here on the site.... I'm sure it could be a sign of anything neurologically  wrong as well.

I personally have had this very same feeling! It seems as though when I sleep my nervous systems just take a break and if I wake up in the middle of the night (they aren't used to the that sort of schedule) they simply don't want to wake up too and work. My legs also don't work correctly anymore and it all started one day when I woke up and they simply felt like lead and didn't want to lift off the floor anymore.

Hmmm... logical reason... something is going on with your neuro system and it's telling your body "illogical" signals- therefore there is pain. (ok, my un-medical reasoning- go and check out Quix's pages on paresthesia on the threads right now and also check out the health pages links, and it explains it soooo much better)

I'll talk you you later, have a wonderful day! I hope that today gets a little better and tomorrow those legs cooperate!

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by nicola6236, Jul 18, 2008
Hi Sunny - i got my mri on Wednesday next week, in a way i  can't wait for it - i need to know what's happening now. What happened last night with my arm has happened alot, same with my legs recently. And my left hand has, all day been "numbish, tingling" - that's the only way i can desribe it.
Hope your having a good day.


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by Rena705, Jul 18, 2008
Hey Nicola...sorry to hear that you are still having a lot of problems honey!  I can relate to the pain in the legs thing...that is what has kept me off work for over a year and why I walk with a cane now.  My doctor however says that my MS is in-active and has no other reason so I still believe it is my MS.  I have been to a Rheumatologist and was diagnosed with a low level of Vitamin D and Osteoporosis in my hands.  I have been taking Vitamin D but I also take 40mg of Amitriptyline every day so I am not sure which one has helped the most.  Vitamin D in MS patients is very important because we are living in climates with so little sunshine that we are almost always low and this is something you should have your dr. look into if it hasn't already been done ok?

I wake up most morning with both hands numb and tingling but in time they come back...are you keeping a diary of this stuff every day?  You really should because some of these things may seem inconsequential to us but they can be an important clue as to what is going on.  Please know that I will be off and on here all weekend should you need any help ok?  You can always send me a personal message too.

Lots of Hugs,


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